Robots with almost human brain may become a reality


Scientists have for decades trying to build a machine that would think like a man. And now they think that they are all just a few steps away from the finish line.

Pentagon-funded team of researchers has designed a tiny machine that allows robots to act independently. Unlike traditional artificial intelligence systems that rely on conventional programming this machine "looks and" think "like a human brain", says Professor of Chemistry at the University of California James Gimzevski.

Gimzevski is a member of the team, which is supported by DARPA was working on a program "Physical intelligence". This technology could be a secret, allowing to build fully autonomous robots.

According to him, this project does not use the standard robotic filling with integrated chips. Constructed his team the device is capable, without being programmed like a traditional robot to perform actions in the same way as it does people.

What distinguishes this new device from any other — so it vzaimnoperesekayuschiesya nanowires that form billions of compounds, like human brain neurons, capable of storing various information. Each connection is an artificial synapse. Because of the complex structure of the natural synapse, most of the previous projects of artificial intelligence could not reproduce it.

According Gimzevski, the unit of "physical intelligence" will not require human control, as it requires the robot. Possible applications of this technology superior to any imagination. For example, aircraft with such a system will be able to study and explore the area and make their way into the space without human intervention.

Artificial intelligence research over the past five decades, could not reproduce the system of thought and human cognitive functions. But the study of the human brain revealed that one of its key features is the self-organization.

"Apparently, it is a prerequisite for autonomous behavior," says Gimzevski. "Instead of moving information from the memory to the processor, as do traditional computers, our device is a new information processing method."

Details of the development are still kept secret, but, apparently, we are going to witness a revolutionary breakthrough in robotics.

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