Runes. Ancestral Heritage

Increasingly, modern man seeks advice from the ancient forces, as our ancestors did generations ago. And, oddly enough, finds answers to the deepest questions: what is beyond our understanding, wise giving tips and showing the right direction.

Runes found interesting, but just can not see that they painted? Then, folding magnifying glass is useful to you, with which you can easily read the writing on the runes.

Runes — these are small symbols, signs, with which you can speak to the gods. Originally they are from Scandinavia, where they still believe in the runic magic and protection. These signs are a combination of vertical and inclined lines, and each character has a certain meaning and magical significance. The so-called runic alphabet in Scandinavia called Futhark, otherwise — "older runes." Legend has it that the Scandinavian runes were the supreme god Odin, when he spent nine days and nights hanging on a tree, torturing himself, so as to attain the wisdom of life. In ancient times, the knowledge of the true strength of these characters possessed only priests — and no wonder, since the word "rune" means "secret."

The main objective was to protect the runes his master from all misfortunes. There are certain combinations of characters that had to attract prosperity, material wealth, health, victory in battle. In addition, with the help of Scandinavian runes turned to the gods for help in resolving a problem. Runic Power is that they are constantly pushing the questioner to seek the truth — this list is endless, and all the personal goals in it discharged into the background. The main thing — progress seeker along the way.

Magic runes are divided into several categories: Runes Runes of speech or sentence; victory runes used to achieve success, healing runes, water runes to protect seafarers, Mother of Runes, patronizing to women and babies; runes dead — with the help of their priests called the soul of the dead; runes witchcraft. Priests and Mages carved them on the rocks or on small pieces of wood, and were in the bag, made of natural materials — linen or cotton fabric, leather. These people are respected and feared, as they talked with the gods directly by passing their will. And now the old traditions back, bringing us to the old days, when each character and the sign was of particular importance …

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