Running against the wind

Five U.S. states because of the impending hurricane regime introduced emergency, mass evacuation

Powerful Hurricane "Irene" is rapidly approaching Washington. U.S. East Coast, he reaches for the Sabbath, the capital — by Sunday. Residents of Washington and New York, told to stock up on everything you need, and not to leave their homes, and the inhabitants of the coast — in advance to go to a safer place. Mass evacuation started in several states that have created traffic jams and on earth, and water.

Washington Mayor Vincent Gray on Friday issued a warning to residents and advised them to explore ways to escape from the city in case the hurricane "Irene" will be as dangerous as predicted by meteorologists, RIA "Novosti".

"We will keep you informed of what is happening, but so far disappointing forecasts and the situation remains very dangerous"

"You know the escape routes from the city? They're here, "- Gray wrote on his page on Twitter, and indicating the address of the Internet, where new ways out contains instructions to prepare for the hurricane.

Recall that the forecast weather forecasters hurricane "Irene", estimated by the third category of danger on Saffir-Simpson scale (but weather forecasters in the near future are going to increase the threat to the fourth level), which has swept through the territory of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti , the Bahamas, should affect all U.S. East Coast. In the U.S. media had already dubbed "Hurricane century." The same definition is given of impending disaster specialists from the National Center for the Study of hurricanes, they say — is the only hope that the "Irene" suddenly weakened.

However, hopes for a bit: as a communication channel "Vesti", the islands of the Caribbean, "Irene" reserved the debris, uprooted trees, power lines. "I have nothing left. We did not have time to pack, the storm began early in the morning. We lost everything we had. For that God is punishing us? "- Complained the victim of the disaster resident of San Cristobal.

In view of the approaching hurricane in the five coastal states — Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and North Carolina — was introduced a state of emergency, however, in the last state — partial. Governor of North Carolina was limited to declaring "willingness number one" for the police and emergency services only in the eastern districts, which are located closer to the coast. Emergency services all these areas are in high alert and the authorities several counties declared mandatory evacuation of coastal areas. Just assumed the disaster area live 55 million people.

Readiness for a mass evacuation announced in New York. Mayor Michael Bloomberg called the metropolis to the townspeople with the call: "The people of New York have to collect things that you might need them in case you have to rush out of their homes. You need to bring drinking water, first aid kit, flashlight, and documents. We'll keep you in the know, but so far disappointing forecasts and the situation remains very dangerous. "

And at the door of each apartment and an apartment building in New York put a warning letter, "of drinking water, food and batteries, do not open the window as the expected wind speed — 160 kilometers per hour, and this is very dangerous" .

Michael Bloomberg said that "Irene" threatens severe flooding and if the worst predictions are confirmed, to be completely or partially shut down public transport. This could happen as early as Saturday, so that residents need to relocate to advance "safer areas", ITAR-TASS reported. Voiced by the mayor predicted heavy rain and strong wind hit the coast at a speed of up to 180 kilometers per hour.

In Carolina and Maryland tourists and locals in the first place leaving the resort towns and barrier islands. The windows of houses are boarded with plywood boards and go, but, as usual in such situations, are people who under no circumstances are not going to move on. "Here were my brother and daughter, they decided not to go anywhere. Daughter told me last night that they have always lived here and are not going to leave his home "- gives the channel" Vesti ", the words of one of the local residents.

Because of the beginning of the exodus on roads and bridges is stuck — only in North Carolina at the moment leaving 200,000 people crowded ferries, in turn went even small boats and other watercraft.

Recall that the increased availability and declared at the largest naval base in the U.S. "Norfolk". At any time, there can be given to the team to withdraw 27 ships to sea: the ships, led by the aircraft carrier is already out to sea, the remaining sheltered from the wind behind reefs and piers. Also evacuated three subs.

As expected disaster areas in advance of flights canceled.

According to the most dire predictions, a hurricane can cause destruction along the U.S. East Coast — up to Maine in the north.


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