Russia: increase life — really




By 2005, Russian experts are planning to decrease the level of premature death of the workforce. The information was director of the Institute of Occupational Medicine of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), Academician Nikolai measured.

"The increase in the growth of average life expectancy for men — 9.5 years, women — 4.5 years — a real challenge. Our scientists are actively engaged in this issue," — he said. According to him, the work will go under the "Health of the working population of Russia" and performed the steps, the first of which is scheduled for completion by 2005.

Will be engaged in this issue experts from the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, the Social Insurance Fund and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The result of their labors will be a new edition of the federal laws in the field of labor and social legislation, which will be adapted to the norms of international law. The effect of the implementation of the program should be significant.

According to preliminary calculations, the economic losses associated with occupational diseases and injuries can be reduced by tens of billions of rubles, said the Russian physician. In Russia, male life expectancy is approaching 59 years, while for women it is 73 years, according to ITAR-TASS.

Battery News, 30.04.2004 10:27

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