Russia starts to develop unmanned vehicles

Russia starts to develop unmanned vehicles
A joint venture of the United Shipbuilding companies and «Transas» will be developed unmanned vehicles, said General Manager of Eugene Komrakov.
«We plan in the active order to enter the Navy to develop such ships,» — said on Komrakov held in Zhukovsky outside Moscow International Forum «Engineering Technologies 2012», reports «Interfax».

He noted that today in Russia such topic no one does.

«In the 80s creating unmanned ships engaged in» Diamond «. There were two themes: one they did ship goal, which will issue a destroyer and could maneuver as a destroyer, was reflected in the radar as a destroyer, used a different instrument. According to the second topic — unmanned minesweeper. But later, these topics have been closed, «- said Komrakov.

According to him, in other countries are now more unmanned ships used for patrol, counterterrorism and anti-piracy purposes. «The operator sits at a distance of several miles from the ship and manages the radar, thermal handsfree spotlight, weapons, in other words the whole complex, for all that he is safe, with one operator can control several ships at once,» — explained Komrakov.

He noted that the unmanned vehicles, for example, is currently intensively use the Singapore Navy. They purchased them from Israel.

«The whole world is moving towards the creation of unmanned vehicles. They are now forming the United States, Israel, several European countries «- said Komrakov.

According to him, such ships are usually small in size — from 7 to 20 meters. Their creation requires little time — a year or two.

According Komrakova, unmanned ships exciting, first, the Border Guard Service, Ministry of Defence and other security agencies.

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