Russian frosts! 30 prominent moments ('Sueddeutsche Zeitung', Germany)

It is a week as winter tries to freeze us, and it will last for seven days. Journalists wording "Jetzt" decided to gather all the things they have learned and experienced in the cold

Nadia Schluter (Nadja Schluter):
1. Frostbite happens not only with the other (with the inhabitants of Eastern Europe). Three days later, after skiing some fingers still feel nothing.


2. Must have two pairs of gloves are thick and shapeless, which retains heat well, and thin to be able to cope with ATM machines and the sale of tickets and postage stamps with the gloves.
3. Used handkerchiefs freeze up in the pockets of the coat kamneobraznogo state (and wake the fear that a similar fate will soon befall the nose).
4. Good shoes that really retain heat, are very, very rare.
5. The cold causes not tremble, and hurt the entire body.
6. At the same time, people on the street say that slowly get used to it.
7. Not all stop cycling.
8. If you listen closely, the air sound whole symphony of sounds "Brrr" and "U-hu-hu" and various noises, like when boarding and disembarking of passengers of public transport.
9. Vividly react to garments whose names contain the word "thermal", "Norwegian", "Icelandic wool."
Helten Christian (Christian Helten):
10. A wave of cold weather — a great opportunity to quit smoking. Or violate the agreement "to smoke only on the balcony, not in the apartment."
11. My willingness to submit to the poor on the streets is in inverse proportion to the temperature rise. I am waiting with interest, will it remain the same when the temperature again rises above zero. After all, to be honest, and then still quite cold.
12. For taxi drivers the weather — the blessing of heaven. In another quarter of an hour while waiting for the night bus — a common occurrence, but the — 15 ° C, my hand involuntarily goes up, if the distance light up black and yellow checkered.
13. If people do not wait, as usual, the train on the platform and stand on the stairs at the approaches to the platform, it is better to follow suit. Hence, there is a reason.
14. I think just now I fully realized how far away is Australia. In a conversation with a friend living there, we calculated that the temperature difference is almost 50 degrees.
Nithammer Lena (Lena Niethammer):
15. Never place your hands in your pockets. On the streets slippery, and you can slip. You will have little time to protect themselves during a fall.
16. When a few days ago, I took a train, my hair was so electrified by the dry air that clung to face an elderly lady sitting next. Because the sense of humor in her situation was bad, she spat out for revenge on my shoes. Hence the rule: comb your hair in a ponytail.
17. Too hot, too cold — people will always grumble about the weather.
18. Thermal underwear can not look sexy.
19. If frozen windshield, it must pour a glass of cold water from the tap and clean. If you pour the warm water, the glass may crack.
Sharnig Max (Max Scharnigg):
20. In the dog poop no longer advancing. Of them stumble.
21. Fashion on the side. Someone goes to the store in ski pants, some wrapped in flokati — not important. The main thing that was warm!
22. Way from home to the wording is too short to fully take advantage of the climate control system installed in the car.
23. Overflowing garbage cans in the back yard does not give off the stench.
24. Everyone who is a summer house managers, overseers and staff areas croaker, winter curling fans are enthusiastic and do not hesitate to make multiple observations of newcomers to this wonderful winter sport.
Katherine Holmer (Kathrin Hollmer):
25. Getting out of bed in the morning in a room at a temperature of +12 ° C — this is a great feat. Better to put the alarm for 15 minutes earlier than usual.
26. When he decides to walk out after half an hour at the bus stop in a blizzard, this bus always overtake you.
Peter Wagner (Peter Wagner):
27. A friend of mine is in Sarajevo. He says that even now there is -28 ° C. Last weekend, piled drifts more than a meter in height, this weekend will add another 40 cm of snow. On the streets cleared only one lane, and it is not good — stray dogs are hungry. Under this amount of snow they can not find food. But at night in some areas can be heard howling. Everybody is afraid that the animals can start to attack people. 20 years ago, it has been — Stray Dogs get in packs and attacked lone pedestrians. According to rumors, a similar case has already taken place this week.
28. Never before have we had so much space in the freezer.
29. Friends live out of town in the old outbuildings. They froze withdrawal from the toilet to the sump. Two days later, the owner of houses opened their doors of its new building. Solve it with a bucket of sand seemed to him unworthy of man.
30. Contrary to general expectations bike — still a great vehicle.


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