Russian modernized T-90S tank and BMPT «Terminator» at the Paris exhibition «Eurosatory»

Russian modernized T-90S tank and BMPT
To international exhibition ground and air defense, security technologies and remedies «Eurosatory», held in Paris from 11 to 15 June, the resource was presented press release concerning the new upgraded version of the Russian T-90 tanks (T-90S / MS).

Participated in the exhibition of 47 states and more than four hundred companies producing means of defense. Of their 14 — Russian.
Our homeland has prepared the exhibition a number of armored vehicles, including main battle tank T-90S tank support combat vehicle (BMPT), a multi-purpose anti-tank missile complex «Kornet-EM», mounted on an armored car «Tiger», and a new armored «Ural». In addition to the armored vehicles and air defense systems Our homeland is also showcased the huge number of helicopters intended for military transport and for combat.

«We have shown for the first time such a wide range of real models on this show» — said Deputy General Director of «Rosoboronexport» Igor Sevastyanov.

«Star Russian exposition» (an expression Igor Sevastyanov) — T-90S tank.

Redesigned Tower T-90S tanks armed with this upgraded 125-millimeter cannon. Provides a new method of fire, brand new navigation and communication systems, and even remotely controlled 7.62-mm machine gun.

Superior T-90S has an increased capacity, equipped with a diesel engine at 1,130 l. s. injection with a gas turbine, which allows mc achieve maximum speeds above 60 km / h on the road and up to 45 km / h on rough terrain.

Driving a tank is easy enough: there are steering wheel and automatic transmission shift.

Russian modernized T-90S tank and BMPT

Resource said also about remembrance, produced T-90S tank at the Paris exhibition «Eurosatory».

Specialists believe that the upgraded main battle tank T-90S — almost brand new car, judging by the number of its innovation, in addition, this tank — one of the best in the world market in terms of total martial working qualities.

Russian modernized T-90S tank and BMPT

Tank support combat vehicle (BMPT) — another Russian design, which has no analogues in the world. Because of its massive set of guns and heavy armor he was baptized in the Russian Federation «Terminator.»

In the «Rosoboronexport» believe that the Russian exposition — one of the prettiest and unforgettable exhibition. «We participated in the exhibitions« Eurosatory », since 1996, but the demonstration of this year — special. Our homeland has never exhibited such an impressive number of new products to the true value. This is our latest achievements clearly demonstrate the great potential of Russian defense industry «, — said Igor Sevastyanov, Deputy Director of» Rosoboronexport «.

Russian modernized T-90S tank and BMPT

Russian export of defense equipment for ground forces, said, in recent years has grown steadily. According to forecasts, this trend will last. And especially with respect to Russian heavy armored vehicles, multiply charged launchers, artillery systems, combat infantry ton, guided munitions. Issued in Russian armored personnel carriers and small cannon are also in constant demand.

Translation Oleg Chuvakin

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