Russian scientists have found a monster on the bottom jaw of the lake ice

February 3, 2013 6:15

Russian scientists have found a monster on the bottom jaw of the lake ice

Russian scientist dives into icy lake Labynkyr in Yakutia, known as the second of Loch Ness. This achievement can get into the Guinness World Records, said the Russian Geographical Society.

Head Underwater Exploration Team RGO Dmitry Schiller sank to the bottom of one of the coldest lakes Labynkyr world, which is located at the pole of cold in Yakutia. The temperature at this point up to minus 89 degrees.

As reported by the expedition, they try to shoot underwater bed and cracks, as well as take samples of bottom water, flora and fauna. Previously, no one had ever dived into the lake.

As a result of the expedition D.Shilleru be delivered to the surface of samples of vegetation and film bottom. As explained in the WGI, the materials will be delivered to investigators about February 1 at 20:00 MSK.

In addition, with the lake bottom telezonda archaeologists discovered the remains of the jaws and the skeleton of a large animal.

Labynkyr lake known for its geographical anomalies (depth of the water in the fracture is 80 m), He can dwell unknown creature, which the locals called the second of the Loch Ness monster.

One of the researchers in the area, the head of the geological party of the East Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Viktor Tverdokhlebov reported in his notes that he saw in Labynkyr unknown creature like a giant fish.

"It was moving in an arc, first along the lake, and then directly to us. As soon as it was approaching a strange torpor, from which grows cold inside, cover me. Above the water rose a little dark gray oval carcass. On its background stand out clearly two symmetrical white spots that look like eyes, and protruding from the body a bit of a stick … maybe fin? We saw only a small part of the animal, but the water is guessed huge massive body. Before us was a predator, without a doubt, one of the most powerful predators of the world "- he wrote.

On the eve of the American explorers have announced that they managed to get to the waters of the Antarctic subglacial lakes Uillans, located in the west of Antarctica under the 800-meter thick ice. The study they took the first samples of water and soil.

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