Sagging breasts

Sagging breasts.

Why does my chest?

The mammary gland consists of15-20 glandular lobules, connective "frame" and adipose tissue. During puberty in girls under the influence of hormones is breast growth and development of the lobules. This process ends at approximately 20 years, when chest takes its final shape and size. The mammary gland is modified throughout the cycle, swelling before menstruation and decreasing thereafter. It is influenced by hormones.

The deformation of the breast during the life of the woman is the cause of either laxity or insufficiently strong support breast pectoral muscles. After all, breasts — is primarily iron, the location and the elasticity of which depends on its shape. Our "Beauty" is located on a cushion — a thin fat layer, with the wrong posture — shoulders back and gnarled, a static position (sitting in front of a monitor) pectoral muscles just weakened. So the first thing to do — it is to attend to the general state of the muscles, "pull back", do posture.

But most of all breast changes during pregnancy. During this period, the breast is preparing for lactation. When it stops, glandular lobules are reduced and returned to its original state. In rare cases, they are somewhat less prenatal size. With regard to muscle, it is during pregnancy by the action of a large breast weight and more variety of factors decreases and decreases. And, as a rule, the larger the breast, the more it droops, so as to maintain it requires more resilient and strong muscles. To minimize losses, must constantly be on the breast. Especially during pregnancy and lactation.

Breast reconstruction can be engaged and after weaning. First, the intensity of the load can be increased, second child became more andtime lessons you can leave it at any helper.

Feed the need to properly

It is believed that most of the appearance of the affected breast feeding. Now some commercial clinics offered to expectant mothers immediately after birth to hormonal vaccine that prevents lactation and allows you to save 'maiden' chest. According to experts, this vaccine, First, harmful to health, andsecond does not give the expected result, because the breast is beginning to change even during pregnancy. By itself, lactation has on breast dostatachno light effects, and correct handling of its own bust you easily reduce the risk of injury to the breast. To do this:

  • To choose the right bra. Choose more models on large straps, strictly relevant to your size. In the last trimester and during breast advisable to wear a bra around the clock. At night, wear a loose model.
  • It is advisable to abandon the manual breast pump. The child during feeding does not harm the chest and does not injure the mammary gland. Hand expression woman severely stretches the muscles. Therefore, use a breast pump breast pumps.
  • Observe basic rules of hygiene, and avoid stagnation of milk.
  • Maintain approximately the same amount of milk in both breasts. To do this, put the child alternately to one or the other breast, and at the next feeding is not the first to propose that breast feed which you have finished the previous one.
  • Before the biggest — night break, try to empty both breasts to one of them, "pererastyanulas."

When all behind

Sometimes, after the cessation of lactation for quite some time out of his chest continued selection. They usually disappear after yourself three or four months. But there are times when they last about a year. This is due to hormonal and endocrine disorders in the body. So the first thing to pay attention to the color selections. Brown or greenish discharge show the development of mastitis. Bloody, black or crystal clear may be a sign of intraductal tumor. But milk or beige selection — natural. But even if the normal discharge continued more than a year after the end of lactation, it is advisable to turn to mammologist.

Once you have finished feeding, it seems that the breast someone blew away like a balloon. It dramatically reduced in size, sometimes one becomes significantly smaller than the other. Such change due to the fact that it is more than one breast milk. Whatever the saying, no surgery back to its previous form and size of the breast is not realistic. But with a special charge can make the breasts firmer. It is also very useful to contrast shower and sauna, if it is permitted by your doctor. Mobile lifestyle, massage and swimming are welcome.

Stretch marks

During pregnancy and even after weaning may appear stretching (before that they were simply not visible). And the lighter the skin, so they are "brighter". According to cosmetologists, within nine months after delivery can eliminate almost all of the visible effects of pregnancy, including stretch marks. Suffice it twice a day to give yourself at least 10 minutes: In the shower, alternate hot and cold water, preferably spray directly on the damaged areas. Have a good effect shower gels with seaweed. Rub the chest in a circular motion, special massage brush (not tight). Apply a moisturizing cream stretch marks.

If you prefer, you can buy a special cream for stretch marks. Just read the instructions carefully. All creams are divided into two categories. The first truly eliminate stretch marks. And the latter do not clean them, but only clarified. And please note, creams affect only fresh skin blemishes. If after nine months stretch is still not clear, contact your beauty salon. There, with the help of a laser removed not only stretch marks, but also much deeper scars.


Of course, it is advisable to start doing exercises to keep the pectoral muscles even before pregnancy. The daily execution of these exercises will help to achieve visible results after only 5 weeks.

  • Exercise 1. Starting position: standing on his knees, leaning his hands on the short stop (for example, the edge of the couch), keep your hands shoulder width apart. Bend your elbows and touch-feeding platform. Then straighten your elbows. Try not to bend at the waist and keep the body straight. Exercise Repeat 8-10 times.
  • Exercise 2. (This exercise will require the ball and, preferably, a partner.) Starting position: Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Keep the ball in both hands at chest level. Throw the ball to his teammate, or on a wall, bending and straightening your elbows, but not raising them above the level of the chest.
  • Exercise 3. Starting position: lying, face down, with emphasis on the outstretched arm, with knees bent and feet raised up. Spread your hands slightly wider than shoulder line. Performing push-ups, try to take your elbows out to the side and lower body as low as possible. Linger at the lowest point on the5-10 seconds, and then rectified. Try to keep your back straight, do not bend at the waist. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times.

Watch for breathing. During exercise try to breathe calmly. In this case, only breathe through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Do the exercises slowly. Then the load on the different muscle groups will increase substantially. If you charge feel pain in the muscles, then most likely you just have not calculated their strength. So the next time reduce the number of repetitions of each exercise and gradually increase the load.

If you are breastfeeding, it is better to perform the exercises after feeding until the breasts are not filled with milk. After charging, be sure to take a warm shower. Almost all of these exercises can be done during pregnancy and immediately after birth, but before you start, consult your doctor.

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