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As is known from the voids do not occur. However, in India, now there is a man whom many worshiped as a living god. And he knows how exactly to materialize objects out of nothing, of emptiness. In this, of course, it's hard to believe, but anyone can go to India and to see a miracle. Who is this man?

Sathya Narayana Raju was born in 1926 in Puttaparthi. Surprisingly, this is the place as if it was specially created for him. In the picture Puttaparthi made by satellite from space, easily recognizable features of Sai Baba. The first fourteen years he lived like an ordinary village boy, but then suddenly fell ill. Very ill and was near death, and when I came, declared himself Sathya Sai Baba — the second earthly incarnation of the famous Indian saint of Shirdi, who before his death in 1918 predicted that the newly born eight years later.

The boy began to work miracles: removed from the air candy, bread, rice, handing out food poor, and in proof of his past life to materialize various things belonging to the Sai Baba of Shirdi. In 1940, he left his parents and began to preach. Many years later, Sathya returned to his village and founded an ashram Prasanthi Nilayam, where he lives to this day.

Now ashram has grown to unprecedented size. In addition to the sanctuary, there are five-story hotel for pilgrims, university buildings, museums, ultra-modern planetarium, built by the Japanese, a sports stadium, a hospital, there is even its own airport. Today Sai Baba's huge organization, its centers in all continents. In Russia they can also be found in any major city, including remote areas of the North and Siberia.

Baba sees its mission in spreading love among people, which should lead all to peace and prosperity. But in this life to achieve this, he will not succeed. The third reincarnation of Sai Baba — Prema Baba — born eight years after the death of the current and complete divine mission.

In academic circles, Sai Baba also know. More than a dozen scientists have studied its wonders. Many of the jewels that Baba materializes, real gold, sapphires, rubies, diamonds … Once he turned three branches in a wooden crucifix of Christ. In the U.S., with the help of radiocarbon dated him I century BC

Speaking about the miracle of materialization, scientists shrug: "He is able to overcome the laws of physics and chemistry." Professor EM Kastrubin, based on studies of American physicists, said: Baba has nanotechnology and is able to use the energy of the microparticles to create atoms that then "sculpts" all sorts of things. Baba Himself says that at the time of Krishna's miracles were commonplace. Then there were other people, engaged in self-improvement, meditation. But it is not that meditation is taught today in the course of yoga. Baba says that you can not teach it at all. You can learn the poses, learn to breathe correctly, but meditation — is a function of the inner world of man. Only in it a man rises above the world, brimming with spiritual energy.

But that, in his opinion, is not the main thing. The secret of freedom is not some mystical formulas, and in the acts of man. According to the teachings of Sai Baba, most importantly, why should people seek — it is a righteous way of life, which is based on five principles: Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Non-violence and Love. The most important thing here — love. "With Love one realizes the Truth, Righteousness, and is committed to non-violence, obtains the World — says Baba. — One has to come from the "I" and "mine" to "we" and "our". Selfishness leads to worldly things and desires, but this is temporary, so one should not strive for it. Be in the world but not of this world. "

Baba did not intend to pay all in Hinduism. It calls for respect for all religions, as in any religion is the truth, you only need to see her. Religion, as the birthplace is given to us from birth and no one the right to change it. He invites everyone to come and meet with him and returned to their communities, to be more righteous Christian, Muslim, Buddhist … Well, Sai Baba himself around to be Hinduism, and all that are in the ashram, bound by the rules of Hindu society. In Prasanthi Nilayam is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol, eat meat and fish.

By the nature of the Sai Baba people cheerful, and communicates with his followers with extreme ease. Russian Oleg pilgrim told how during a private meeting Sai Baba asked him, "What do you want me to gave you?" "Something to remember," — said Oleg. "Then let it be a memory." Another said: "I want to have it all was." "Well, you've got everything," — said Baba.

On the personal meetings with the Indians, Baba speaks their native language (and they registered in India in 1652!), With the rest — in English. But it happens — Baba begins to speak in French, Japanese, Russian, Arabic …

There is plenty of evidence, as Sai Baba appeared in various places in India, while his body was in Puttaparthi. Author of books on Sai Baba E. Geraldson describes such a case, "December 13, 1964, Baba came to the aid of a little girl from thousands of miles away. Baba healed a child and stayed to dinner with her parents. Twenty people have confirmed the presence of God in the house. "

Now it is rarely the case, but he continues to help people in the distance. How to assure his fans, Baba did not even sleep at night. He sits down in a chair and his divine power to influence global and specific people.

During the construction of the ashram in 1950, members of a miracle were about thirty people. An eyewitness of the events, says: "Without special equipment, we could not be placed upright concrete slabs. Then, under the guidance of Sai Baba, we began to sing the mantra. At that time, huge slabs off the ground and stood up for yourself in his place. Among us there were those who did not believe Baba, but after the incident, they had no doubt as to his divinity. "

By Sai Baba seeks help a lot of patients. But it helps not for everyone. There are diseases — the result of his own negligence and a simple set of circumstances, they are not related to karma and treatable. And there are karmic diseases, he explains, they — retribution for immoral acts committed in this and previous lives. Intervention in fate and can not be allowed. That is why many are leaving Puttaparthi with nothing.

Ron Lengoma in his book describes how in 1953, Sai Baba restored a dead man. In a prominent businessman from Kupa V. Ramakrishna aggravated stomach ulcers, and developed complications. Taking with him his wife and daughter, Ramakrishna went to Puttaparthi for help to Sai Baba. He accepted it, a separate room, but the treatment did not start for a few days until the patient died. Ramakrishna's body lay for three days and began to exude the smell. On a day when it was designated cremation, Baba went into the room where the dead man was lying, and asked everyone to leave. What happened in the next few minutes, no one knows. The woman opened the door and brought his arm Ramakrishna, alive and healthy. Ramakrishna himself was convinced that he had been in a coma, and had no idea of the resurrection.

Is this possible? Hard to believe. It turns out that Sai Baba has the power not only of material things, but is able to subdue the soul. Baba himself denies this. "I can only change the time of death, but I can not give immortality".

The museum displays placed throughout the ashram, where you can see photos and videos of using the so-called Kirlian effect. This is when the picture becomes visible glow around people and objects. And illumination typically altered by various processes. For example, after meditation or prayer is the illumination becomes strict, orderly appearance. The film captured as Baba communicates with people and works wonders. The screen is visible radiant aura of Sai Baba, trailing behind it a long train, while the aura close glows faintly. Baba refers to the man and his light lights it like a light bulb.

For most people, the West Sai Baba charlatan. In India itself an ambiguous attitude towards him. His supernatural powers, no one denies, arguing only about their nature. Some consider him a black magician, and some — ordinary magician. But the majority of Hindus worship Sai Baba as one of the three hundred thousand gods of the Hindu pantheon, with the only difference being that he dwells among us.

True natural question arises: if he is a god, why would he, these "tricks"? The answer to this question was given, without knowing it, one of the pilgrims: "When I first arrived at the ashram, I have suddenly become concerned about a strange impatience. I could not calm down. I thought that Baba would not pass by me, because I did so much. He surely I will say or do anything gift. He really stood by me, waved his hand and materialized a gold ring … my neighbor. At that moment I realized that something happened to me. I was filled with purity and freshness, I felt some kind of spiritual closeness to all those around him. Own surprise I sincerely happy for her neighbor. But the destruction of the ego — the cornerstone of the teachings of Baba. I realized, he felt himself through missed that one — the essence of life … ". This was what creates miracles of Sai Baba. With their help he gives people the power to instruct the moral path.

Andrey Dmitriev

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