Saudi Arabia can buy 600-800 German Leopard 2 tanks

Saudi Arabia can buy 600-800 German Leopard 2 tanks
On Sunday, the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, citing a source in the government said that Saudi Arabia wants to buy 600-800 German Leopard 2. This amount is more than twice higher than anticipated. Earlier it was informed of the intention of Saudi Arabia to purchase about 300 tanks.

The article says that the deal on the 800 tanks will cost 10 billion euros (12.6 billion dollars). Contract may be the largest ever military prisoner deal to supply the German military equipment for export.

According to the report, the contract for the first tranche of 300 tanks ready for signing. The article citing sources acquainted said that Saudi Arabia is planning to sign the deal until July 20 — to prazdnichka Muslim Ramadan.

But, according to Bild am Sonntag, the German government has opponents of the treaty. Against the implementation of the tanks act Chancellery, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the military, while the Ministry of Economy supports transaction.

Critics say similar transactions that Saudi Arabia violates human rights and democratic principles. In addition, the basic policy of Germany does not approve the supply of weapons to regions of tension, such as the Middle East.

Critics also point to the military aid to Saudi Arabia last year in Bahrain suppression of democratic protests in the country.

Leopard 2 main battle tank is Germany. He also produced under license in Spain. Bild am Sonntag reported that Riyadh has chosen German tank as a result of comparative tests with South American M1 Abrams.

But the tank has to be adapted for use in desert areas.

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