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Old, long familiar to us ordinary exercisers get a new look and a different functionality. Benefits of Do exercise can be expressed in numerical terms — and for that it is not necessary to consider the move: "One thousand five hundred twenty-two, one thousand five hundred twenty-three, one thousand five hundred twenty-four steps …".

10,000 steps on the slope of Mount Fuji

The first "ahead of the rest" were Japanese. They suffered from inactivity while working on his "great breakthrough" — built the current structure of production and highly efficient use of human resources. Japanese managers have never shied away from suggestions of doctors, how to make the working day as saturated, and the workplace — ergonomic. It is they who, by the way, note, office workers transplanted from comfortable chairs on the gymnastic balls, introduced mandatory five-minute physical exercise (commemorative older Russians as "industrial gymnastics") and … given all free electronic pedometers.

A person is healthy, but when he moves, assured the Eastern sages and healers in one voice. Movement can be a conventional walking distance along the slope of Mount Fuji, or, say, the office corridors, on the stairs, on the way from home to work. You're healthy, if you do 10,000 steps a day, the Japanese exclaim. And not just cry, but even pay bonuses to employees who provide managers with a pedometer, proving conclusively that the whole day working month they were doing at least 10 000 steps.

Our management is yet far from such humane measures, but for the sake of their own health and the figures follow the daily volume of traffic can be. Current models of pedometers consider not only the number of steps taken, but the amount spent on these steps calories! You enter your weight into a pedometer, and — that's it, then a trick on the verge of fantasy.

Higher and higher and higher

Many full ladies can not be forced to jump even with the mouse. With substantial obesity — for example, if the body mass index greater than 30 units — jump undesirable as jumping heavily loaded joints and the entire musculoskeletal system. But if you are overweight, but it is kept relatively in shape — for weight loss is nothing more effective hopping you will not find.

These workouts are also good in that they allow in the shortest possible time to burn the maximum amount of calories.

What number?

You can jump to the old rope, simply measuring time. For example, the first week — five minutes, the second — ten, waiting for the effect comes from the gradual decline of the diet and increase the load. It is available and free way that requires only discipline. And you can take advantage of modern design — a rope with built-board computer.

Computer works on the same principle as a pedometer. You enter your weight, and then the sports equipment he considers how many times have you jumped and how many calories are burned during that time. Consistent with the findings can adjust the diet and achieve success.

Jumping — resistive load, which forms the muscles of buttocks, calves, improves the shape of the legs and allows very fast to lose weight.

Slender camp

Good posture and slim waist … The dream of every woman! Is there a simple and effective way to get them is not a loose strength in the gym? There! And it is nice to know we were in primary school.

Hula-hoop, or a gymnastic hoop!

At a time when these miracles of science as sophisticated simulators, miostimulyatory and "beauty capsule," simply did not exist, my grandmother and mother spun him around the waist of 20-30 minutes a day and … stay slim as a reed! This exercise develops the vestibular system helps make massage the internal organs and is like no other form of exercise contributes to the destruction gland — that is dense fat, is not located under the skin and between the organs in the abdominal cavity. Gland — the main problem ladies "apple" type, precisely because it is a large waist circumference, even when you think you've lost weight significantly.

It would seem, how to unify the hula-hoop? Does that make a series of different sizes to comfortably fit into it any lady girth … But no, the object inventors.

First, modern gymnastic hoop flexible — you can add and remove it in a very small box. Second, it built balls — weighting, which are more active massage waist area, provide a greater load. And third, the machine have built in on-board computer, counting time, the number of turns and the total amount of calories!

But the old, long dusty closet somewhere in the hula-hoop should not be written off. Still, the device with a computer is quite expensive, but the summer, the weather is good and the old faithful hoop will get you free of charge!

Elvira Gotenko


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