Scientists again warned of imminent contact with aliens

July 30, 2012 2:05

We have so many times over the past decade have heard all sorts of grand statements that contact with aliens is not far off that expectation of this contact has become a kind of a waiting-in-law Tiffany's arrival, he does not expect it especially, but knows that she sooner or later appear. And so it is always on the alert!

And modern scholars who are so "brought" his statements and forecasts themselves the same as start, literally, "runs" on the government, saying that why not prepare for the meeting the guests!

In particular, a certain Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell, a British physicist and professor at Oxford University (in general, is quite a serious person!), Said at a recent conference at the Open Forum Eurozone in Dublin: "I do accept that we are about to find signs life somewhere else, maybe even signs of intelligent life, and it will happen in the very near century. "

It seems that scientists clearly err, in the hope that when a century has passed, and the alien intelligence and will not be found, nobody will blame unfounded! No one to blame is because the lady will soon be 70 years old.

"We are likely to find life on the solid planets, in an atmosphere dominated by carbon dioxide and ozone," — no stopping professor. Well, with that logic is hard to argue, given the fact that none of these planets discovered so far was not. "If we actually find intelligent life somewhere, we will open to aliens or not?" — Continues to fantasize Burnell, being apparently confident that within a few years, humanity will wash their boots in the oceans of the many different planets of solar systems … more than that — many galaxies neighboring our galaxy!
However, this is not the most topical, according to Burnell question. "There are more interesting questions. For example, who will be first reported the discovery of intelligent life — the press, the heads of State or the Pope? We should think about that now! "- Continues to amaze his arguments Burnell.

Scientists again warned of imminent contact with aliens

However, the British astrophysicist lamented the fact that even if we get a signal from aliens, took a decade to respond to it (assuming that we will communicate via radio or optical signals). "Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Thus, we can talk about the dialogue, which would require about 50 years or even a hundred — and then, just to send a message in one way! "-" Encouraged by "Burnell.

Add anything to such claims is difficult. One can only lament the fact that the representatives of the tabloids join very distinguished scientists, who, however, in their high-profile statements contradict themselves. Perhaps we should show leniency to the age of the venerable lady, but there is another question: what to do with all that excited army confidently clapping eyes of ordinary people, who heed every word of the scientists? It is noteworthy that in the UK alone, where I came Burnell, 44 per cent have no doubt that we are about to descend to the aliens.

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