Scientists have found in the leaves of the cedar heavy duty antibiotic

Scientists have found in the leaves of the cedar heavy duty antibioticScientists from the University of Missouri found in the needles of the Eastern red cedar powerful antibiotic that is easy kills even drug-resistant staph

Researchers have identified and isolated the 17 bioactive compounds that can cope with the bacterium. In the near future they plan to find more, reports Newsru with reference to Science Daily.

To kill resistant staphylococcus needed only five micrograms of the active substance of needles, which makes the connection very economical. Scientists have tested the efficacy of many strains and got a positive result.

"We found this compound in normal pine needles. It is a convenient source of antibiotics, which can be produced naturally each year. With no need to chop down the whole tree, "- said one of the researchers, Brian Thompson.

Aureus — quickly mutating bacteria, have developed immunity to most medications. Sometimes the infection affects only the skin, but in some cases likely to develop toxic shock syndrome and pneumonia.

By the way, in addition to the antibacterial properties of isolated compounds showed anticancer and killing cancer cells in the body of mice. Natural discovery could be used as a tool against acne.

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