Scientists have unraveled the ends of the world

Astronomers tell that actually waiting for humans December 21, 2012

NASA experts hasten to reassure forecasts, though December 21, 2012 will disappear into the nether world, devoid of all foundation. Debunk apocalyptic rumors to the audience took Don Yeomans, who heads NASA program to monitor the near-Earth objects.

Everyone who is going through because of the end of the Mayan calendar, he recommended that "sleep well on Dec. 21 of next year." "So what's so special about this date? — Asks Yeomans. — It's like saying that if the end of the calendar year, December 31 marks the end of time, the end of everything. But the Maya never predicted that this time will be the end of the world! '

Scientists recognize that the fear in the community about the ominous date is very high. So, for "disaster 2012" Internet search engines produce more than 35 million records. A considerable number of them devoted to the mysterious planet Nibiru, allegedly approaching Earth from deep space to destroy humanity. Believers in Nibiru accuse astronomers to conspiracy to conceal its existence and thus prevent panic.

"There is no evidence that Nibiru exists at all," — says this Yeomans. The notion that the planet X is hiding behind the sun is unfounded: "She could not hide behind the sun forever, so we would have seen it many years ago." Accusations of insidious conspiracy at the expert makes a mockery: "There is no way to make an astronomer silent about anything there."

Yeomans said that information about Nibiru is widespread due ufologist and contactee Nancy Leider. It originally predicted universal accident in May 2003, and when the prediction does not come true — made happy humanity a new doomsday date, appointing him on December 21, 2012.

Another problem, which is expected in December 2012 — a massive gravitational effect of the planets, which are lined up in a row and somehow fatally affect the Earth. "However, the December 21, 2012 there will be no planetary alignment" — says an expert on the sky. And if it was, then, without any consequences. The only celestial bodies that have a significant gravitational effects on Earth — is the Moon and the Sun. Effects caused by other planets, so small that they do not affect the state of the Earth for millions of years.

Not the last line in the list of New Year 2012 nightmares take solar storms. Yeomans admits that they cause a lot of trouble, because often result in damage to orbiting satellites and power lines. However, the damage from solar storms are not that great. In addition, "there is no evidence that one of these storms will occur on December 21 next year." According to Yeomans, the date of bursts of solar activity can not be predicted, but by themselves solar storms are not able to bring on the Apocalypse.

For those who do not believe in predictions of the Maya, Nibiru and the danger of solar storms, there is another horror story: the change of the poles. Many people fear that in 2012, the North and South poles swap places — and then all life on earth will perish. Is an expert on NASA cited a number of soothing arguments.

First, the geographic poles of the Earth is not upside down, since the rotation of the planet Moon stabilizes. Second, while the magnetic poles do change once per half a million years, these changes do not occur suddenly, but gradually, stretching for many thousands. Third, "there is no reason to believe that the change of the poles will occur December 21, 2012." And fourth, even if this is the case, the only issue that would face earthlings — is getting used to the fact that a compass needle would point south instead of north.

Yeomans said that belief in various horror inherent reasonable people. Most often, the main role is played by the Internet and television, boldly disturbing scientific evidence and idle speculation. In order not to clog people's heads like nonsense, it is necessary to conduct educational work, scientists say.


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