Scientists predict major earthquake in Tokyo

This Tokyo during the earthquake. The city lights go out, here and there a fire. The city practically in ruins, numerous jams on the roads, some cars on fire.

Now it's all just a fantasy computer graphics and computer designers.

But academics Institute earthquake research at the University of Tokyo said that in the next 4 years with a probability of 70% in the Japanese capital can happen earthquake of magnitude 7 points.

According to studies, 11 000 people may die and about 850,000 buildings can be destroyed.

Shinichi Sakai, one of the participants: "Last summer, when we did the calculations, tectonic activity exceeded the norm by 6-7 times. At that time, we concluded that an earthquake can occur with a probability of 98% in the next 30 years, and in the next four years, it can occur with a probability of 70%. "

In March last year in Japan, an earthquake of magnitude 9 points. This was followed by a tsunami. The disaster killed 23,000 people.

To prepare for the worst case scenario, the government decided to turn to history.

This is a statue of the Great Buddha, which is located in the ancient city of Kamakura on the island of Honshu. From here to the sea about 1 kilometer.

Among the archival evidence tsunami found evidence that more than five centuries ago, a huge wave height of 14 meters covered coast, reaching the statue.

Toshiaki Kawasaki tsunami planning department: "We thought we should know the unknown in the tsunami, so we looked at the history of earthquakes that have not previously taken into account. There are records that show that the earthquake in 1498 created a tsunami that reached the Great Buddha in Kamakura. We decided that this tsunami must also be considered in the planning. "

Japan is located in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire. Here, with 20% of the world's earthquakes of magnitude 6 points or more.

Predictions of many Japanese scientists are not surprising.

A resident of Tokyo, "Japan — a nation that has grown up on earthquakes. I do not know what exactly they are counted, but the next earthquake will not be a surprise. "

A resident of Tokyo, "It is difficult to describe in words, what would happen if an earthquake, even to think hard. I was horrified one thought about it. "

Natural disasters in Japan, often accompanied by numerous victims. So in 1995 Kobe earthquake with magnitude 7.3 magnitude, which killed 6,400 people.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television


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