Secrets of diabolical hole

January 31, 2013 1:17

Secrets of diabolical hole

In the desert, in the state of Nevada in the southwestern United States there is a failure, which is an underground reservoir. Its depth is unknown to this day, despite many attempts. According to Indian legend, the night of failure chosen evil spirit who kills everyone in the vicinity.

The dimensions of this failure are comparatively small 1.8 to 5.5 meters, and it is located in the national park called Death Valley. Among locals it is known as the Devil's Hole, and it's unlikely you'll find anyone who dares to approach him. According to the original inhabitants — the Indians of the Paiute tribe — if sleep next to the hole, you can never wake up.

Scientists engaged in the study of failure recently, after received the confirmation of several cases of a sharp deterioration in the vicinity of the holes being. According to geologists, the cave was formed about five hundred thousand years ago, and the reason for the negative impacts are not evil spirits, and methane emissions from the reservoir, located inside the mine. However, experts can not explain where it took methane. According to the scientist from the Institute of John Denver Rokstouna, first you need to understand exactly what is at depth, to understand the processes taking place there.

Strange things there are in fact many. According to the researchers, is not yet possible to determine the law in getting gas to the surface. Indian shamans say that the evil spirit knows when the next hole with someone, so he goes out of his lair. The rest of the time he sleeps in the ground.

It should be noted that the water level in the reservoir is constantly changing. The average distance to it is about 91 meters. According to some data, then these ebbs and flows affect the gravitational influence of the moon. Water temperature — about 33 degrees Celsius.

The first attempt to measure the depth of the water taken in the early XX century, but it was not successful. In 1999 there was another attempt, but the metal cable was in one of the crevices and stuck. Scientists lowered another rope, but again to no avail. After that, rumors spread that lives on the bottom for a large animal, which prevents the conduct of research. Inevitably begin to believe in the Native American legend of the evil spirit, and that really gets to the hole most of the underworld.

In the same year the pond was lowered control cameras equipped with powerful searchlights. The study participants refrained from commenting, so information about it appeared only four years later.

It was found that about vosmidesyatimetrovoy wall depth underwater well wide. And after a few hundred meters they are generally impossible to see. At a depth of 220 meters spotlight turned off, so further survey was conducted in the dark.

After passing 230 meters, the camera began to spin and swing. It seemed that she was in a whirl. She started to lift, the bottom appeared bluish glow.

According to Professor Rokstouna, it is possible that in the warm water and saturated with methane may be some form of life, unknown to science. The probability of the existence of geothermal output in the pond, so the probability of the presence of life is very high. But studies of the reservoir is difficult because of the depth and complex terrain of the mine.

Most scholars support the assumption that there was a failure of Nevada on an ancient crack in the plates in the place where the board has moved away from each other.

It should be noted that in the vicinity of these cracks often observed ghosts, UFOs, ball lightning. As experts in paranormal phenomena, there are cases of disappearances, time shifts other such anomalies. It is quite possible that deep lithospheric crack attracts UFOs often seen over the Nevada desert. Suffice it to recall the famous classified "Zone 51", where, allegedly, the body stores the aliens and the wreckage of their aircraft.

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