Secrets of the Vinnytsia Dungeon

Near the town of Vinnitsa in Ukraine is a place that for many years people pass by. Locals consider this place a curse. Even a clairvoyant Vanga said that people who reside in this place is great danger lurks. She argued that there is hidden under the ground is a very dangerous disease.



Even during the Second World War in this area under the earth was created by Hitler's command post, which was called "Werewolf". It was built in a very short time, just over a year. This building at different levels had several floors, which were connected by a system of tunnels. Many researchers argue that under the third basement.

Local residents claimed that the command center frequented Hitler himself. At this point, he has been the Ambassador of Japan, presented the award to pilot Franz Beretsboku. Hence, too, from July to October 1942, Hitler led his soldiers and watched the proceedings.

Of the remaining documents, it became known that the construction command center was attended by about five thousand people, most of them were Russian prisoners of war. After the building was completed command post were all shot, just among those killed were several German specialists. There are suggestions that the German soldiers were engaged in extraction of amber.

During the Second World War, in addition to the Vinnitsa dungeons, Hitler had created another seven strategic command posts. Their purpose and to this day remains his secret.

So far, the secret bunker near Vinnitsa is not solved and that there lurk unknown, but there is speculation that it kept gold Reich. To date, this tank will make a museum that will serve as a prototype of the bunker "Wolf's Lair", which is located in Poland.




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