Sensational discovery: the Donbas excavated prehistoric tribe

July 19, 2012 10:17

8000 years ago in the Donbass and the Don did the same: eat shellfish and fished.

The excavations Sergei Telizhenko (left) found a mysterious amulet.  File photo expedition

The excavations Sergei Telizhenko (left) found a mysterious amulet. File photo expedition

Near the village Borowski (Luhansk region), archaeologists have unearthed another discovery. On Lake Tuba researchers stumbled upon a well-preserved ancient people, which means representatives Matveyev Kurgan culture, there were eight thousand years ago, during the Mesolithic.

"Excavations have proof that, from the Lower Don and to the steppes near the Seversky Donets River, in one period lived representatives of the common cultural ethnic group — explained the" Today "Sergei Telizhenko, researcher of the Institute of Archaeology of the Crimean branch of NAS. — It used to be that at the time of these lands could be only isolated tribes. And it turned out that these people had the same culture, the spiritual aspects of life and work tools. "

Archaeologists suggest that settlements could contact each other or be part of a unified culture that existed in the early days of animal husbandry. Ancient lake fed mostly shellfish. Among the found tools, researchers found fragments of harpoons with which they fished, and chisels and scrapers. "A big part of the puzzle is horn with a hole (slang for archaeologists -" punch. "- Ed.), Which was probably used for hunting. And a mysterious pendant amulet of boar tusk with a hole — perhaps, she served for divination, but it remains to be seen, "- says Sergey Telizhenko.

By the way, fellow archaeologist found parked called a big success. "The last 50 years, no one could find a well-preserved park Mesolithic period, and the expedition was very lucky," — says Valery archaeologist Manko.

Maxim Skichko

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