Serbia: Archaeologists have found the oldest altar in the world




The sacrificial altar with a hitherto unknown inscriptions, presumably created nine thousand years ago, discovered in Serbia. According to archaeologists, it may be the oldest such structure in the world.

The find was made in eastern Serbia two years ago, three kilometers from the archaeological site of ancient settlement Lepenski Vir, where 30 years ago have found historical evidence of culture, which reached its maximum development in the VII-VI centuries BC. Altar, whose age is in the initial stages of development of this culture, accidentally discovered a fisherman on the bank of the Danube.

Serbian Dragan Yatsanovich archaeologist believes that this discovery will bring an end to the Serbian archeology dogma that in prehistoric times in the Balkans had no written language. "It is simply impossible to civilization, similar to Lepenski Vir, which were known for architecture, town planning, geometry, mathematics, astronomy, culture and religion, had no system of communication in the form of a written language," — said the expert.

This altar was first exhibited to the public in Majdanpek in eastern Serbia. The exhibition is dedicated to the World Day of Museums, which will be celebrated on Tuesday. In addition, he will be sent to the international scientific congress, which will be held in the Serbian city of Novi Sad, from May 22 to June 5.

Battery News, 18.05.2004 11:51
Source: Rodrobnosti

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