Servicemen JUVO master flamethrowers «sun»

Servicemen JUVO master flamethrowers
Servicemen of the Southern Military Area (JUVO) as crew and crews have started learning the heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A «sun» at the landfill Prudboy in the Volgograd region. Increased attention is paid to the preparation of the flamethrower training recruits call «Autumn 2013», said the press service of the neighborhood
Within 3 weeks of field output during workshops flamethrower will work ability introduction of the modern standard flamethrower system TOS-1A «sun» with a thermobaric shell overpriced range. Firing range of the projectile from TOS-1A increased almost 2-fold and up to 6 km, also increased the mass of the projectile combat, resulting in the total capacity of the complex fire damage increased by 15-20%.

Crews and combat crews will work acts on the march, standards for deployment and employment of firing positions, their engineering equipment and disguise, preparing to open fire, exploration goals and objectives for fire control.

Before proceeding to the development of systems flamethrower soldiers during the month are trained on modern computer simulator «BM TOS-1A», which allows the learner to do tasks without the use of fire service life and ammunition expenditure authorized combat equipment in classrooms criteria.

The simulator allows the ability to conduct classes at once with the whole crew, which reduces the calculation time shakeup flamethrower, it also provides automatic fixing of mistakes with the transfer to the remote disk imaging head instructor.

The kit comes simulator training programm with slide and vocal accompaniment, which helps to master the features flamethrower operating system, as well as to explore the device and its tactical and technical characteristics.

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