Sessions health-improving sleep in coffins in Malaysia

November 20, 2011 0:59

Five coffins for health-improving sleep ritual ©

The Malaysian island of Penang (Penang) is a Taoist temple called Looi Im Si, which was founded a century ago grandmother current caretaker. Chu Son Loc (Chu Soon Lock) says that his grandmother Guate Lui Lim (Lim Guat Looi) dream was lord of hell Di Fu Bao Zhang (Di Fu Bao Zhang) and ordered to organize a church.

Grandmother dutifully fulfilled the commandment, and the new church began to pray in honor of the ruler of the underworld. Over time, the number of deities to worship increased, and among them there was Yu Xiao San Po (Yu Xiao Xian Bo) — one of the guards responsible for the delivery of souls of the dead to the underworld.

Temple Looi Im Si ©

In 2008, brothers keeper, Sun Tsai (Soon Chye), possessed by the spirit of Yu Xiao Bo himself and ordered to begin healing people suffering from constant failures and other life disorders. To do this, the church established five coffins — 1 large and 4 small. To back luck, you need to establish a session health-improving sleep in a coffin — the patient lies in a large coffin, and spirit through the body of Yu Xiao Song Tsai read over our prayers. Apparently, sleeping in the traditional sense, the ritual can be called a stretch because the session lasts only a few minutes.


Yu Xiao San prepares patient ©

Yu Xiao San seances ©

As they say the last few sessions of treatment, patients, and their life has really improved — someone business took off, and someone took a long illness that none of the doctors undertook to treat.

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