Sestroretsk explosions and tremors — the solution is not found

November 18, 2011 22:02

In Sestroretsk unrest: once per week, residents heard explosions of unknown origin. Most likely, the reason is that the military eliminate ammunition. But in WEST these guesses as always deny.

Echoes of unexplained explosions in the fall heard many people cityscapes (both peripheral and the historic center), but recently the alarming "reports" come mainly from the resort area. By the comments of residents Sestroretsk, from time to time they hear the unidentified frightening sounds.

"It started in September — it was still quite warm. Periodicity varies: sometimes two weeks silence, sometimes two days in a row rumbles — says a resident told Sestroretsk Victoria. — Mainly used to be in the region of about 17-19 hours. A November 8 was the day at 14:00. We stood and listened to the baby until I changed to winter tires. Luhoy sound very unpleasant, rather closer to infrasound, that is at a very low frequency. Not like a storm or surface explosions. Personally, I have the impression that something exploded somewhere in the depths. Dunno. Maybe it already "changing landscape of hand" — to prepare alluvium. "

Indeed, at the beginning of September, the Government of St. Petersburg approved a plan for the area of engineering education in the reclamation area Sestroretsk. Infrastructure has to be built before 2016. However, the project planning area promise to develop until 2012, so now is nothing, in theory, should not be made. In addition, the activities around the reclamation vigilant activists from the NGO "Clean Bay", who believe that the "project of the century" will adversely affect the ecology of the region. If anything, the first activists to raise the ears of the public and the media. So reject the version with alluvium.

Remains "ground" version. That is the military. The press service of the Western Military District Neva24 wearily stated that "about the bombings in Sestroretsk know nothing": in recent months, journalists have sought to extend the Office recognition in acoustic aspects of the elimination of ammunition, but the military responded tersely, reluctantly. Finally, in early October, military prosecutors WEST has verified compliance with the law in the disposal of ordnance in the area. A few days ago announced the results.

"They checked all the collection points. No violations were found, "- says the head of the press service WEST Andrei Bobrun.

However, experts who conducted the test, admitted that the explosions really can be heard due to … weather changes. Like, if you change the direction of the wind, it is possible that the echo of explosions flies to where you should not.

In fact Sestroretskaya to this "blockade" is not used to it. A similar anomaly residents listened in winter.

"This is the second month, and maybe more, Sestroretsk shakes. Explosion is heard, but the blast decent power. Tinkle of glass, furniture shakes. Today, shock waves were stronger than ever. Sometimes it becomes really scary, you sit and think, and does not work out whether our Xruschevka like a house of cards, with tremors? The first thing that comes to my mind — is blowing ice on the Gulf of Finland "- said one of the residents at the end of February on an Internet forum Sestroretsk.

In fairness it should be noted that not all residents have heard in recent times incomprehensible sounds. For example, the exhibition complex "Sestroretsky abroad" Neva24 correspondent reported that about anything like that does not know that much, it would seem, where-where, and it is there where we have the facility to conduct a flanking fire, "native" would immediately recognize the sounds. Have not heard the explosions and in the culture Sestroretsk. True, said that "friends really talking about something like that."

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