Sestroretsk wake a series of explosions


PETERSBURG, March 24. Residents Sestroretsk day off a series of explosions woke from which shakes zemlya.Kak reported "Rosbalt" witnesses, about a dozen bombings in 0900 at this moment they are continuing.

No warning of St Petersburg has been reported.

"Explosions not only heard, but also oschushayutsya — the houses are shaking the walls, ceilings, etc.," — said St. Petersburg.

Recall that a similar situation was observed in October last year. Then, in different parts of the city — both in the center and on the outskirts, but mainly in the northern parts of the city were echoes of explosions and distant rumble. According to witnesses, were heard clapping and strong tremors were felt from which shook and rattled windows, an alarm on the machines.

For example, in the Vyborg district outside Esenina from shock spontaneously even open the refrigerator door, and in the Primorsky district of high-rise buildings in the alley Nyquist even slightly swayed. Seismologists have confirmed that the recorded aftershocks artificial, but the localization of the epicenters of the scientists can not determine.

Neither the police nor the MOE did not know. In the department confirmed "Rosbalt" which calls on the unknown noise comes a lot, but even the security forces do not have any information.

Zetem Mayor Georgi Poltavchenko in his Twitter said that thunder is still "military origin" — near St. Petersburg, is disposal of ammunition.

"Rosbalt" found that the accidental explosion occurred in an area Agalatovo, 27 km from St. Petersburg.
Source: Rosbalt

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