Seven Indonesian volcanoes wake


January 8. The National Emergency Management Agency issued a warning on the revitalization of seven volcanoes throughout the archipelago.

Agency prepared capabilities in case the worst scenario. Prospective measures were discussed at the meeting on Saturday, officials.

The list includes the following volcanoes: Papandayan in West Java, and Karangetang Lokon in North Sulawesi, Lien in East Java, Gamalama in North Maluku, Anak Krakatau, ("son of Krakatoa") in Lampung and Levotolo in East Nusa Tenggara.

Agency conducts continuous monitoring of each volcano, and possible mitigation measures are different for different regions due to different local conditions. In any case, the agency has served for escape routes, the location of refugees, the methods of supply, distribution, machinery, tools and teams of volunteers.

— We have a standard plan, but constantly adjust it under the current circumstances. For example, we spent three Papandayane drill, to get people used to act in an emergency situation, — the representative of the agency.

On Friday, Lokon volcano erupted, which threw ash to a height of 1500 meters. By Saturday morning the volcano calmed down and evacuation was canceled. At the same time, in North Maluku in an evacuation camp in Dufa-Dufa early December there were about 300 people after the eruption Gamalama.

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