Seven people were killed in Italy in the day because of the abnormal cold

© AFP / Giuseppe Cacace

At least seven people were killed on Saturday as a result of snow and cold weather arrived in the central and southern part of Italy, according to Italian media.

Across the Apennines in the past few days have been established abnormally cold temperatures, which led to a number of victims in the north. On Friday, the cold cyclone reached Rome and other cities in central Italy, where experienced heavy snowfalls, triggering chaos on the roads, and that has caused the cancellation of dozens of flights and many train delays. In the Eternal City on Saturday, life has been almost completely paralyzed.

No light left about 160 thousand people in the region of Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise and Campania, the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

Because of the cold weather has killed at least seven people. Thus, the two men were found dead in their cars, and two others were killed in a roof collapse under the weight of snow.

Among the dead, there are several persons of no fixed abode, who froze to death in their shelters. In particular, it has become a victim of the cold 48-year-old Ukrainian, who died of hypothermia in the coastal town of Ostia, spending the night in the barracks, along with other immigrants.

Despite the snowfall ceased in the central regions of the country, the situation still remains critical, and do not stop the Italian media reported hundreds of passengers locked for hours in trains, flight cancellations, airport closures and the difficulties on the roads.

In addition, adverse weather has an impact on the championship soccer matches in Italy: the snow this week has been moved a few matches and it is possible that this situation more than once could be repeated in the coming days.


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