Seven-year violinist and composer compared to Mozart

October 17, 2012 22:12

Seven-year British schoolgirl Alma Deutscher great plays piano and violin, and is composing the opera. All this she did in such a professional manner that classical music lovers Alma compared to Mozart.

The girl has its own channel on YouTube, and the number of fans is the famous actor, TV and radio host, writer Stephen Fry, who is very well versed in music. He in his Twitter called the girl "a new Mozart."

Alma Deutscher — the daughter of scientists, her father — an amateur flutist. Already two years, she could call all the keys on the piano. On his third birthday Alma received the gift of a violin, and a year later the girl was playing sonatas by Handel.

Besides the fact that Deutscher — prodigy-performer, she was also a composer. Earlier this year, Alma Deutscher wrote a short opera "Cleaner Dreams" with lyrics by Elizabeth Edlington, which, for some technical reasons, failed to make the final of the competition for young composers and performers, organized by the National Opera Theatre of Great Britain.

YouTube channel girls, where post the video of her performance of the classics and his own works, has already collected 85,000 views and about 300 subscribers.

"I want people to know how I play," — said Alma reporters, adding that when he becomes older, wants to "compose like Mozart, play the violin, as Perlman, and the piano — as Barenboim."

Her father prodigy says his daughter is doing at my age no less complicated things than Mozart. However, he prefers not to make forecasts, "only the future will tell."

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began composing music at the age of five. He played his compositions father Leopold and he wrote them down. In its short 35-year life of a genius composer wrote more than 600 works.

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