Several 10-s new connections will be in the Army until 2020

Several 10-s new compounds will be formed in the Army to 2020 This said, the ITAR-TASS representative of this type of Russian Armed Forces Colonel Nikolai Donyushkin in connection with the now celebrated Day of the Ground Forces.

He explained that under the connections are assumed to be the brigade or division. With regard to their equipment, Donyushkin noted that "in the framework of the state program of armaments to 2020 , the planned re-embracing the Army until 2015 at the new and modern standards "of weapons and military equipment." At this point in the combined arms and tank units come upgraded standards of armored vehicles — T-72B1 / 2, BTR-82A. In the not to distant future intelligence units arrive promising drones and special armored cars — told a representative of the troops. — In the army air defense units come anti-aircraft missile system S-300V4, "Buk-M3", "Tor-M2", the new man-portable air defense systems. "

In addition, a rocket-artillery units arrive tactical missile systems, "Iskander-M", multiple launch rocket systems "Tornado-G / C", self-propelled howitzers, "MSTA-S" with an automatic control system guidance. Land troops and receive the latest military equipment.

Donyushkin also said that "to increase mobility and firepower capabilities to the Army 2020 , the fourteen teams will be formed Army Air Corps. "

"One of the important activities training of military command and troops in the future year will be the joint strategic exercises of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus" West 2013, "- he singled out. — The scale of these exercises will be conducted in this match, the strategic command and staff exercises" Caucasus-2012 "also passed the strategic exercises" Center-2011 "," Vostok-2010 "," West-2009 ".

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