Shelves Russian Airborne Brigade converted to


General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces intend to convert the shelves of the Airborne troops in the brigade. Thus, as reported by "Interfax" referring to a source in the Ministry of Defence, at the same time increase the number of combat effectiveness and Navy.

According to the source, based on the new organizational structure Airborne still remain airborne divisions, only now they will not consist of the Parachute Regiment, and from airborne or air assault brigades.

The number of divisions consisting of teams will increase by 20-30 percent, depending on the number of battalions in the brigade. Dvuhpolkovaya Airborne Division has fewer than four thousand people.

The question of the reform of the Navy Chief of General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov had already discussed with the commander of the Airborne Forces, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov.

Airborne troops of the Red Army were based on the teams during the Second World War. Now part of the Navy consists of four divisions, one separate airborne brigade, separate 45th Cavalry Regiment, 242nd Training Center, as well as support units. The total number of Navy reaches 30,000 people.


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