Shooting on the other side of reality

December 16, 2011 19:28

After the photo of the pupil, you can get a picture of the image that a person has just seen

Photo and video tape often imprint that we can not see with the naked eye — a parallel reality. That UFOs and ghosts, and various energy substances. And sometimes, ordinary snapshots inexplicably affect the fate of a man …

Hallucinations on film

As you know, any image that comes into the field of view of man, any time left in the form of prints on the retina. Therefore, to take a pupil can get the photo just seen.
Scientists have repeatedly occurred that such photographs may appear and human thought. After all, when we think of something, very often visualize certain images. What if these visions also "imprinted" on the retina?

 In 1910, Japanese professor Tomokichi Fukarai conducted a series of tests with a female medium Ukuk Nagano. He has recorded on film visions arising before Ukuk to a limit of mental concentration on any subject — for example, images or characters simple drawings. And the pictures were taken without the help of the device, the medium was supposed to work on a photographic plate. The experiment was a success.
In Russia, a similar phenomenon experienced psychiatrist Gennady Krokhalev from Perm. Investigating disease patient suffering hallucinations, he once took a picture of his eye. In the photo revealed a round bright spot on a dark background. A patient complained that constantly saw overhead the moon in the night sky.

Chicago mystery porter

Perm psychiatrist Gennady Krokhalev with one of his patients at the time of photography

American psychologist Julius Eykzenbud also hypothesized that the film is able to capture the mental images. But he could not test his theory in practice, until he accidentally met a port of one of Chicago hotels Ted Seriosom. CS eye Seriosa was unique.
True, some lighted frames, others do not, but some appear blurred images of objects and people, who at that time was not located next to Ted. Often they occupied only part of the frame and there were tilted or inverted.
The scientist was glad to have found proof of the capture images that arise in the retina. But it turned out that he was not quite right. The fact that the strange pictures imprinted in those cases where the lens unit is not able to catch the focus pupil Seriosa or when it automatically overshadow the flash hand.
What's more — the photos are, even if Ted looked at before taking a sealed envelope. If there lay a postcard, it stood out in the film vaguely what was it depicts.
Thus it was possible to photograph the water tower in Chicago — her picture placed before the experiment in a tight sealed envelope, but in spite of this, the subject took a mental image of the tower.
Similarly, Ted Serios "saw" the cathedral of Santa Marina di Loreto, Trajan's Column and other architectural objects located where the party has never been an experiment.
True, many of the items show up in a slightly different perspective than the postcards, or parts are different from the original.
Being in the envelope image hangar Air Division of the Royal Canadian Police could see the inscription Canadian.
The mental picture is reproduced it as a Canadain, there are two letters are reversed.
One day Ted asked "photograph" view image gift shop in Colorado under the name Old Wells Fargo Express Office. What surprise experimenters when the picture appeared the words The Old Gold Store — so shop called many years ago! So, the subject was able to "catch" the image of the past!
Rather, Ted phenomenon associated with its natural Psychic gift. How else to explain that it reads even the hidden images?
But, probably, and ordinary people in certain circumstances can "shoot" their thoughts.

Fear is like a teddy bear

Ufologists from Vladivostok during the expedition accidentally made an unusual picture. One of the researchers could not swim and was afraid of the panic move of a small river, hitting them on the way. As he was walking on a log, he was photographed.
On the developed film shows a large dark spot at the feet of man, in shape resembling a bear.
But in reality, nothing of the sort ufologists did not observed.
Shot after exhaustive computer analysis and be genuine.
The spot was not the technical defects. Experts Association "Ecology of the unknown," which send the image, suggested that imprinted on it … a strong sense of fear that emerged at the person on the balance beam. Fear for information and energy level materialized in the cluster, which appeared in the film in the form of patches.

Meet — Critter!

Photos taken by Dr. Krokhaleva

Most famous in the world of parapsychology experiments were Luciano Bocconi and James Constable, who on supersensitive film managed to capture the strange creatures they called "Critter" — "creation."
Of no less interest are the pictures taken in the areas of nuclear and magnetic anomalies, or in places where the animals are restless. On similar photo shows the essence, reminiscent of mythical monsters. Some of them have wings, and the monsters look like prehistoric pterodactyls. And there is the formless, translucent.
They are clearly moving very rapidly through the air, and in a certain direction. These pictures were taken in different areas of the United States.
Scientists managed using infrared photograph fires in the mountains. The photo shows a giant mushroom objects hanging over the fire place. While others are small, glide over the ground at a height of about one meter.
Their men, of course, did not see. A similar pattern was observed during earthquakes.
Similar experiments were conducted in our country. One of the operators photographed on a winter day in the skies over Moscow small dark "something". When the film is shown, then it was a huge image of being, like the dolphin. On some pictures it looks dark on the other — light.
The footage with views of the foothills of the Crimea was recorded bob with wavy surface.
As in other similar cases, the "ball" could see the shadows and highlights, that is, the formation of this could not be a simple film defects.

Picture of a future tragedy

Photos taken by Dr. Krokhaleva

The photo 17-year-Muscovite Gennady Vladimirov, made in 1992, of the Technical marriage — like a spot on the developer.
It looks like a broken line across the head in its upper part.
In September 1994, Gene was in a car accident, received a head injury. At the hospital, he underwent craniotomy, but the boy did not survive. Appalled that the shape of the skull fracture coincided with a spot in the picture.
It can be assumed that the photographs Gennady somehow superimposed information from the future. Indeed, parapsychologists in one voice say that the information field of the universe is one — past, present and future exist in it at one time. Sick or injured body releases a powerful stream into the space of negative energy.
And the stronger the radiation, the more likely it is manifested in other dimensions. So that the spot in the photo may not be the marriage …
And if you still blame the ill-fated developer? People well-versed in bio-energy, it is well known that the damage to the image of man, can have serious consequences for. A familiar female parapsychologist told me how it has addressed some patient complaining of feeling unwell gratuitously. It turned out that she had accidentally thrown into the trash her photograph.
That rotten together with waste, and the woman was sick.
No wonder psychics and magicians often work with a portrait. On it you can find and the human condition, and to determine what he is sick, and make a love spell, and restore damage.
The energy level associated with his picture of the original. It is not recommended to tear and throw away the pictures and give them to questionable people.
How, then, video cameras and can display other dimensions? Nature of the phenomenon has not been studied. And, most likely, the explanation lies not only in physics, but also in the occult sciences.


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