Showers in Moldova to help cope with drought

Rainfall for 90 percent of the territory of Moldova was 20-55 mm

Forecasters promised that by mid-October in the country established dry weather, and weak, intermittent rain will not improve the situation.

— Dry weather will last until mid-October, — said on Wednesday, September 28, the director of the State Hydrometeorological Service Ilya Boyan.

In August and September on the territory of Moldova registered a significant rainfall deficit. Rainfall in this period by 90 percent of the country was 20-55 mm, which is 25-60 percent of normal, and in 10 percent of the country rainfall reached only 10-20 percent of normal. A similar situation was observed with the amount of precipitation in 1952, 1953, 1982 and 1990, — Bojan said.

The high temperatures and lack of rainfall had little effect on the state of harvests of main agricultural crops. The problem is only with the harvesting of sugar beets and grain seed. Seeding canola this year failed, — the director of the weather service.

According to the State Hydrometeorological Service on Saturday, October 1, the temperature is + 22 + 25 degrees. In the north and center of the country may be sunny. In the south is expected to partly cloudy. Strong wind, the north-west, up to 8 meters per second. May be minor geomagnetic disturbances.

On Sunday, October 2, in the whole country is expected to dry weather, the temperature does not rise above 19 degrees. Strong wind, the north, up to 8 meters per second. Source:

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