Shows the upgraded aircraft airborne early warning and control

Russian media have demonstrated the upgraded aircraft airborne early warning and control the A-50U and provided the opportunity to compare it with a similar machine the previous generation.

Capabilities of the aircraft allow you to: detect and track airborne targets, identify their nationality, air traffic control and guidance of fighter aircraft to the target; transmit radar situation in the field of vision of the other participants defense; accept commands from the control room, to serve as a command post management, identify radiation sources and the bearings on them.

Work on the modernization of the first combatant aircraft A-50 was in service with the Russian Air Force to modify the A-50U are made of "Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex Beriev" (Beriev). As of today this is the only modernized aircraft in the Air Force. However, Beriev has completed the modernization of the second combatant aircraft, which is now also preparing to transfer to the Air Force.

All drill the A-50 aircraft are part stationed at the airfield Ivanovo North Center deployment and retraining flight crew (aviation personnel of military transport aircraft), which is a structural unit of the 4th National Center for training of aviation personnel and military trials of the Defense Ministry of Lipetsk.

The main emphasis of the modernization is on the transition to new components onboard radio complex (RTC). This could substantially reduce the overall weight of the RTC and to facilitate plane by 3 tons. As a consequence, the opportunity of taking on more fuel for the same takeoff weight. Accordingly, the increased flight distance and time of the combat mission in a given range.

Were dramatically upgraded jobs tactical crew members. Instead of the old hardware counters based on cathode ray tubes A-50U has a universal means of information-based displays with liquid crystal display.

Upgraded radio complex has improved capabilities to detect low-flying air targets and stealth (including in active use electronic jamming equipment) with the measurement of the angular coordinates, speed and range.

In addition, the radar provides detection of air targets such as helicopters, as well as a review of the sea surface with the detection of surface targets and measuring their coordinates. Thus, compared with the A-50 significantly improved detection performance objectives in the rear hemisphere.

The structure of flight and navigation system of the upgraded aircraft entered a satellite navigation system that will significantly improve the accuracy of navigation.

Over time, this modification is planned to upgrade the entire fleet of A-50 Russian Air Force. In parallel, the company is together with the "Vega" is working on a new AEW aircraft complex with the new radio systems having even higher performance.

The main visual difference between the upgraded aircraft A-50U is the lack of additional aerodynamic elements on the fairings of the main landing gear niches that, in the opinion of the flight crew of Ivanovo, makes flying machine.

Posted: for comparison, the non-modernized equipment of A-50 looks like this:



Older hardware rack-based cathode ray tubes non-modernized aircraft A-50.

(Photo by Sergey Alexandrov / VIEW)

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