Siberian defense industry fundamentally new patented laser fuse for missiles

Siberian "defense industry" completely new patented laser fuse for missilesDevelopers "NII electrical devices" patented new non-contact laser fuse for rockets and missiles.

Laser proximity fuse installed on many missiles air-to-air. The main problem with their implementation — providing resistance to interference, including the brightest sunlight.

"Our experts at the customer decide supplied puzzle — told ITAR-TASS Deputy General Director of JSC" Institute EP "Development Valery Edvabnik. — Thanks to the invention produced, ammunition will be completely defeats the purpose of doing puzzle enemy. And it will not be able to prevent neither nature nor art armament the leading global powers. "

Fundamentally new fuse patented after a series of successful tests. The Institute has already signed an agreement for the supply of products to complete systems adopted by the armament Russian army.

The enterprise emphasize that they are ready to execute the order to create the fuse virtually any amount to be determined by the Ministry of Defense.

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