Signed a memorandum on cooperation in the sphere of development of PET

Ivanovo region

October 12 in Moscow, the Russian and German companies signed a memorandum on cooperation in the sphere of development in the Ivanovo region of modern synthetic production (PET fiber, also known as polyester) with an investment of several hundred million euros.

The Memorandum was signed by Director General set "Cluster textile corporation" Ivregionsintez "Basil Guscin and Managing PKI Engineering Consulting GmbH Jens Henkel. On the Russian side were present at the signing of the governor of the Ivanovo Region Mikhail Men, with the German — Prime Minister of Thuringia Christine Liberkneht.

According to the governor Mikhail Men present at the ceremony, the full realization of this project will significantly change the position of the entire textile industry is not only the region but also of the country. The head of the region said that the site for the placement of new production in the region have already been identified. "Now we are seeking the maximum opportunities to invest in the necessary infrastructure at the selected site, which is usually done within the framework of public-private partnerships. This will significantly reduce the cost of the project, "- said the governor. He also said that the launch of such an enterprise in Russia — it is also the most important political and economic factor. "Reconstruction of the old factory under such production is currently being discussed in Belarus, it is very important to be first," — said Mikhail Men.

The head of the German company Henkel Jens noted that this project is of great importance for both countries. "With the help of modern German technology, using local Russian raw materials, you can create a powerful production. We are already in negotiations with several German banks for their participation in this project, "- said Jens Henkel and assured that" it will be a very large investment of several hundred million euros. "

Chairman of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry of the Ivanovo region, the general director of "Ivregionsintez" Basil Guscin stressed that the launch of the modern synthetic production times increase range of products in Russia and in the Ivanovo region in particular. "In 2011 the consumption of synthetic (polyester) in our country has exceeded 200,000 tons, of which the Russian production -" zero ", — said Vasily Guscin. He also said that at the moment of its creation is negotiating with the Russian design institute. "The interest of the project were of two major construction companies", — said Vasily Guscin.

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