Signed an agreement to set up assembly plant in India helicopters marks Mi and Ka


During the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India holding "Helicopters of Russia" subsidiary "Oboronprom" included in the "Rostekhnadzor," and the company Elcom Systems Private Limited, which is part of the Indian equity firm SUN Group, signed in New Delhi agreement a joint venture for assembly plant in India Russian helicopters marks "Mi" and "Ka".

The joint venture (JV) will be able to produce the key units of helicopters and later for the final assembly of machines, as well as to carry out both ground and flight tests. It is assumed that the operation of the joint venture will start with production units of light multi-purpose helicopter of the Russian Ka-226T.

The joint venture has become a modern production base for the promotion of high-tech helicopter of Russian products in India.

"India — a traditional partner of the holding company" Helicopters of Russia "in the supply of helicopters. Creation of a joint Russian-Indian venture became a new stage and at the same time a logical continuation of our collaboration with the growing demand for Russian helicopters, "- said CEO of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" Dmitry Petrov.

According to him, the new venture will help the development of Indian aviation industry, will ensure the effective application of modern Russian technology, and will lead to the training of Indian engineers and training of qualified personnel throughout the production chain.

In addition, the joint venture will implement Offset projects in various tenders in India, to which the Russian rotorcraft. Holding and Elcom Systems also agreed on plans for the joint development of the Helicopter Academy in India for training of pilots and maintenance personnel.

At the end of Vladimir Putin's visit to India in December 2012 signed a package of documents on cooperation in the sphere of military-technical cooperation between Russia and India, including in the helicopter.

India is a traditional partner of Russia in the procurement of aircraft and has a fleet of 280 helicopters produced in Russia.

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