Sikorsky helicopters began development of artificial intelligence

Sikorsky helicopters began development of artificial intelligence
Sikorsky helicopter supplier said the development of helicopters with a system of artificial intelligence. Its ultimate goal is to create an autonomous control system, and while flying laboratory based on S-76 helicopter made two test flights.

Details leads Defense News with reference to the report, which Sikorsky plans to present at the International Conference of the Association of unmanned systems on August 12 in Washington.

Developers involved in the project Matrix calculated over time is one hundred percent human exclude from the process control helicopter. As explained in the company, on this day, the automatic control system gives lead to tragedies crashes on average once a thousand flight hours and it is only acceptable for the comparable cheap UAVs.

Similar systems to transmit control helicopter is very expensive, not to mention the unacceptability of such risk to pilots. According to Mark Miller, responsible for research and development engineering vice president Sikorsky, reliable autonomous control systems need to increment at least 100 times.

To debug and test programs from control engineers converted decommissioned civilian S-76 helicopter. Test pilot, sedentary driving can quickly switch to manual control helicopter. First flight took place on July 26, 2013, the second in another week, but over time you plan to test once a day.

The program is funded by Matrix to the company, but its representatives do not hide the fact that they focus first on military customers. According to experts Sikorsky autonomous control system solves two different prepyadstviya immediately.

Endowed with artificial intelligence (and developers specifically use the term itself, emphasizing that we are not talking about just an unmanned machine with remote control) helicopters will be able to continue the flight in themselves criteria when teams from the pilot for some reason did not: for example, if he’s injured or if communication with the UAV operator drowned opponent.

In addition, with the improvement of the system can be read as a pilot for help in difficult situations like landing during sand storms or on the deck of an aircraft carrier during a storm.

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