Silicon forms of life — living stones

April 1, 2012 18:41

We used to think that if other forms of life which exist, but on other planets. American volcanologist Howard Sharpe thought so, too, at least — to his trip to Alaska in 1997. Faced there with a very unusual occurrence, he changed his mind.
Sharpe led a team of researchers in Alaska watching the eruption of one of the volcanic hills. The eruption was fairly strong — from the crater of flying stones and pieces of tufa. In the evening, when all was quiet, the researchers going back to the camp, where were the Aleuts and told Sharpe that hill, in their words, "spat out a living stone." Intrigued volcanologist went with them, and soon saw the stone, which really might have thought that he was showing signs of life.

It was a dark brown with a smooth surface oval boulder about a meter in length. In appearance it differed little from other boulders strewn area around the hill, but, unlike them, he moved. This was evident in the groove, which stretched him. In this case, Sharp, noticed that the stone could not crawl on the soil by the action of its weight: it relief

was slightly on the rise, which means that the boulder moved up. At the same of him, and went thud barely visible vapor. And stretching out his hand to the stone, the researcher felt a little warm.
So far as the gathering dusk, Sharpe made video, but the camera motion capture stone was impossible because it was too slow, about two inches in five minutes. Moreover, the movement slowed down — apparently, as the stone cools.
Sharp and his assistants to observe the amazing boulder overnight. Stone moved first to the south-east, then changed direction and headed south. "All this time would not let me feel like a living creature in front of me," — later wrote researcher, adding that the movement of the stone could not be explained by anything, even the vibration of the soil, as soon as he moved one. All other stones nearby, remained motionless.

At dawn, the steam from the stone does not go, the sound and the movement died down almost ceased. Sharp left the camp and returned eight hours later. During this time, made his way to the boulder five feet, as evidenced by the track on the ground. The stone was almost cold and sounds are not published.
Investigation of unusual object lasted two weeks. Stone moved, but the distance that he prevailed over for the day, getting shorter. The term of the expedition in Alaska came to an end, and Sharpe before leaving splitting off a small piece of stone for the study. That proved to be quite fragile, and with the impact of a few detached fragments. Sharpe took the same time to compare the stone lying nearby.
The analyzes did not reveal any anomalies in the samples. In moving the rock pores and had reddish streaks, but overall structure characterized the stones, the formation of which takes place in the bowels of the planet at high temperatures.

Another Life

Sweeping away one by one all the versions, which could explain the movement of the boulder, Sharpe came to the conclusion that in this case he was dealing with a qualitatively different form of life — namely, a silicon-organic!

The hypothesis of the possible existence of such a life was advanced in the 60 years of the last century. In short, the point here is this. Protein chains that form the basis of all matter of creatures inhabiting the earth — from single-celled bacteria to humans — are based on carbon. But it is assumed that the same circuit is able to create and silicon. So, based on this protein may also, in certain circumstances, in the long-term evolution lead to the emergence of life.

Riddle of moving stones from the American Death Valley is not solved yet.

The "silicon" organisms and their internal organs can have almost nothing in common with ours; life processes they should occur not only different, but much more slowly, that is, time itself has to move for them differently. "Silicon" being hardly ever able to see us, as we can not see, for example, flying in front of us molecule. For "silicon" we are too quick. They see and feel only what is still or moving at the same speed as them.

By Sharpe thought, such a silicon-organic beings have found suitable habitat in the hot interior of the planet, where they gradually evolve. Individual "silicon" animals from time to time bring to the surface by volcanic activity, but at the top, apparently, they do not live long, freezing and becoming like ordinary stones.
If we accept the hypothesis Sharpe, from the fact that the silicon creatures live long on the earth, you can bet. Known, for example, the famous moving rocks at Death Valley in California. The on-boulders — from the three-meter blocks to the size of a football — are moving as a stone Sharpe, leaving a trail on the ground. And the movement is continued for hundreds of years.

Showing signs of life not only stones of Death Valley. For several centuries, famous for the legendary Blue-stone, not far from the village of Castle under Pereslavl-for-lesskim. In the XVII century the boulder, which was the object of worship by the pagans, was thrown into a deep pit and covered with earth, but in a few decades mysteriously looked up from the ground. Known and "floating" stone, divers found off the coast of Paraguay. In the 50 years of the last century there were found the remains of the Spanish galleon. Thoroughly inspect it then failed, but was drawn detailed map of the sea floor in this place. Among other features of the underwater terrain map was given a five-meter boulder, nestled in the bottom. When, after almost half a century took another expedition galleon survey, participants were surprised to find on the site of Boulder Basin. At the same time a large stone is not marked on the map, was not far from the well. After the examination, stone basin divers have come to the conclusion that the stone — this is the boulder with the old card. For fifty years, he somehow came up and dropped several tens of meters.

Moving stones were discovered by U.S. astronauts on the moon. With a few lunar boulders, as well as the rocks in Death Valley, stretched grooves, which indicated that the boulders moved. The most surprising is that some of the furrows interrupted, and the stone, which had left them, was not there, as if he soared into the air and flew away!

"Lagging" mind

These and other findings suggest that silicon life can exist not only in the specific conditions of the Earth's interior, but also on the surface of the planet and even in absolute cold of outer space. This means that the silicon-based life in the universe is distributed much more than carbon.

Both of these lives are so different from one another, have evolved on Earth parallel but at different speeds, making the results of their evolution are very different. Carbon-based life, born on the planet three and a half billion years ago, to date has given a rational creature — man. Silicon life, born here, apparently, even earlier, is only at the very beginning of his journey to the mind. And this is due first and foremost a huge time difference between the flow of vital processes in living organisms and creatures of silicon
carbon. Longevity and extreme slowness of life silicon significantly inhibit their evolution. In the time it gave way to hundreds, if not thousands of generations of carbon beings replaced by one generation of silicon. As a result of this evolutionary movement sluggish most "advanced" silicon specimens for their "reasonableness" are now in the best case at the level of primitive worms.
Silicon being so unusual that our perceptions are indistinguishable from ordinary stones. Even the scientific method, as shown by samples Sharpe does not recognize their true nature. The fact that this is not the stones and beings, we can only speculate on their behavior, such as movement.

Modern science denies the existence of life on Earth based on silicon. Howard Sharpe message about the discovery of "living stones" scientists prefer to ignore, as they do not see many other phenomena that do not fit into the framework of traditional ideas about the world. But these things do exist, waiting for science finally dorastet to their proper understanding.

Igor Voloznev
Secrets of the twentieth century.
Source: Bureau of Investigation anomalies

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