Sinkhole in Khabarovsk

Karst holes

12.07.11.V Khabarovsk today at 3:00 am on the street in front of Shevchuk stop "Arboretum" has failed asphalt.
As a result of the failure on the road formed a diameter and a depth of 2 meters. The driver of the Toyota, a local in this very place, miraculously survived.

Restoration work continued in the afternoon around 9:00. It turned out that the asphalt fell through due to construction work on the storm water drain.

Although, as they say the road builders, in Khabarovsk asphalt regularly fails because of holes in the lower layers of the pavement, which no one can not control — such technology.

Record for dips in the pavement is a crossroads of Serysheva and Zaparina.

Svetlana Roslyakova


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