Sinkhole in Lithuania. Photo

Karst holes

Photo: DELFI (P.Garkausko nuotr.)

11.07.11.V Monday in Kaunas failed asphalt, car and commercial vehicle hanging over the edge of the pit depth of several meters.

It turned out that the ceiling collapsed roadway is under shelter.

The incident took place in the center of Kaunas — the courtyard of an apartment building at the junction of Kyastuche and Myron.
Small truck carrying gravel, when suddenly it kicked in just under the asphalt. Fortunately, in the pit of the machine fell, and the driver was not injured — truck hanging on the edge of the pit krayu.Takzhe was car Renault Laguna.

Fire rescue workers were deciding how to get the dangling on the edge of the pit cars.

Source: DELFI

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