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Ivanovo — the city is not only the bride, but also people with an extraordinary gift. Reside here two girls hitting their abilities even experienced physicians. This is the sister — Bringing Sapozhnikov, a third-year medical student at the academy, and Lena Arkhipova, a student of the school. A mysterious gift was opened at them — fifteen years ago with his older sister and nine years ago, the youngest. Previously this was known only to neighbors, relatives and friends of girls, now confirmed the presence of unique abilities and physicians.

— It all started with the fact that in the 89th five-month my son was in intensive care — says the mother `s sister Yu. — Valya very worried about a brother and said she knows exactly where it hurts -" breast. " She was eight years old when she painted his lungs, and in them the "ball." For some reason, I believed then his daughter. But when the hospital did an x-ray, the first image is nothing to be seen. I asked for a picture again from a different angle, and it really saw specialists blackout. We Sergei had pneumonia. Then Val said she could cure the baby, and I have long begged the doctor to the girl admitted to his brother in the intensive care unit.

— When I went to Sergei — says Valentina — then I got a feeling, as if rooted to my hands any other hands, which I resisted, but they knew their job … A day Sergei was taken out of intensive care. Made a new x-ray. Blackout completely disappeared.

— I also began to see a person from within eight years, and perhaps even before — into the conversation youngest of the sisters Lena. — At first I was really scared, especially in the dark. When my mother turned off the light in my bedroom, I saw all the time in the movement of the skeleton … Only after some time I realized that it was my mother.

— Daughter diagnosed with everyone who asks for help, and treat only ones — continues Valentine Yu. — Sometimes I say to the girls, "Something heart has taken, take a look." And they answered: "It's spine." Do massage, which they have not been taught, and the pain goes away.

Neighbors come with a toothache to relieve her. And ask for advice in what place better to dig a well. Girls determine where underground aquifers are … At the cemetery, they guess correctly without looking at the sites, where the old man was buried, and where the child is, where a man and a woman where. My dad and I joke: though the treasure found what that is …

— Why do we have so far rarely treat? — Repeating my question Valya. — It is hard … Personally, I think in such moments that some aspect of painful energy rising from the fingers to the elbow. After this session, I even go to the bathroom, throw up their hands in ice water — the only way the pain recedes. My baby is almost three years. When he still could not speak and could not say what was bothering him, I always felt that hurts, Maxim, and treated. Of course, this helped me and the knowledge that I get into the academy. Lena, by the way, is also gathered to receive health education …

…Already sisters engaged in diagnosis led PhD, a specialist in alternative medicine Eugene Putintseva. At first, he and his family were examined in girls. After confirming the correctness of the diagnosis, Putintsev decided to extend the experiment. Now the doctor once a week inviting their patients, and their sister's face and draw the human figure, in which various markers celebrate all they see. And the girls do not sit together, and drawings produced almost identical.

— Oncological diseases they see at once — told me Eugene Putintsev. — In addition to them, are able to recognize another 5 — 6 people pain points. While the girls have not made any mistakes in diagnoses. But unlike doctors, they define it in a few minutes. And their diagnosis partly even more perfect, because they can say that needs to be treated first. For example, standing in front of them, a man with cerebral pathology, and I know about it. Girls me on her show, of course, but they say that more problematic is the liver. Do an ultrasound and sure! Maybe it's the fact that Val and Lena are extremely sensitive — ekstrosensorikoy. Their receptors can perceive the information that is available to ordinary people.

Having been in the home of unique sisters, I, of course, could not help to check them out for yourself skills. We all went to the bathroom in the dark, and I waited for the "verdict" of my "radiologists."

— You have a tooth ache? — Asked one of the nurses.

— Yeah, right, — has confirmed another.

Then they talked about my body, and in paints. Frequently mentioned light green tone (it's not bad), but there are dusky towns, such as thyroid, which is almost all the inhabitants of the Ivanovo region increased.

When I went to Lena and Wali, my skepticism about all sorts of "witches and warlocks" diminished. Especially when the evening is not a joke toothache. On the left side.


Dmitry ASTAHANOV, MD, Professor of Radiology Research Institute of Medical and psychological rehabilitation of Medical Sciences:

— All psychics, including this kind of fall into two categories — the charlatans and people with certain mental characteristics. I am familiar with the results of such experiments, and I would argue: we are talking about the usual guessing, "hit" that such people have an average of no more frequently than every one of us. But man is made in such a way that it rejects, forgets that did not coincide, and gladly accepts what was told "about it." No one is able to "see" through opaque tissue, can not emit X-rays, as if it wanted any. Such tricks are designed for impressionable and unwary people. Not by chance your correspondent felt toothache already after her "predicted". Would not go to psychics — can not be sick … What do you all and advise.

Vladimir Volchenkov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Bauman. Bauman, Academy of Natural Sciences:

— Such phenomena are rare, but occur: Vladimir Safonov from Moscow, Ivan Kravchenko from Volgograd Natalia Demkina from Saransk, Vera Kuchevsky from Sofia have the gift to "see" people, animals and objects "through and through." During the experiments, attempts to fix ray or any other radiation resulted in failure. Clearly, if the phenomenon exists, then it may go on unknown to science fields that I would call bezsilovymi information fields. Apparently, the ability of the brain is much broader than our knowledge of physiology and anatomy. In the spectrum of consciousness may "work" some rays, the origin and principle of operation is only to be unraveled. The main thing, I think, here — do not deny the phenomenon just because it is not yet clear to us.

Pargina Elena, Leskov Natalia.

Trud-7 number 079 of 29.04.2004



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