Skin burns, scorched by the sun: how to cope with the consequences

Burn can be the result of just one second negligence. Have you touched to red-hot iron, a hot tea splashed on his knees, grabbed the handle, or a hot pan, the result will be very unpleasant — burn … And if you are alone or with your family went to rest on a warm least want to bask in the sun, be careful — sunburn is not such a rarity. In this article we will learn how to properly and quickly provide first help to heal burns occurred more quickly.

First the choices you have to make for yourself — appreciate it degree Burn depth severity and prevalence. There are times when you need to immediately call an ambulance, but often you can handle yourself.

The decision depends on how much has been traumatized skin.

Total there are four degrees of burns:

First-degree burn. Easy to burn — a widespread phenomenon, the result of carelessness in the home. Characterized by swelling and redness of the affected area of the skin. As a result, the first degree burns only the epidermis is damaged — the topmost layer of skin.

This is the only kind of burns when you can do on their own, and that if the area of the burn is less than five centimeters. Immediately seek medical attention if the burn covers more than 10 per cent of the body surface. If a child is burned, it should in any case show the physician, even if you burn it seems insignificant (even just for complacency.)

Second-degree burn. Otherwise, the group burns first and second degree are called surface. However, second-degree burn more strongly affects the skin — not only the epidermis, but the tissue underneath. Typically, when a second degree burn patient is experiencing severe pain, so you need to show it to your doctor.

Second-degree burn is different from the first-degree burns because in addition to the swelling and redness on the skin appear blisters filled with fluid.

Called deep burns third and fourth. Of course, in this case, self unacceptable and an urgent need to call the doctor. Under such severe burns occur necrosis — necrosis of the affected area.

Burns are classified:

— the degree (depth) lesions;

— on the location of the lesion;

— on the area affected (the most simple measure of the area — with his hand, it is approximately 1 percent of body surface);

— on the factor that caused the burns (thermal, chemical, radiation).

Prior consultation with the doctor himself or another person to administer first aid.

For mild burns algorithm of action for first aid should be:

1. Pour into a bowl or a bowl of cold water and immerse the burned area there. For lack of water will suit any harmless liquid, as long as it was cold and did not contain alcohol (Inert). You can substitute the burned area under running cold water.

2. If the burn is jewelry, they should be removed.

3. Apply a sterile bandage on the burn.

Absolutely can not:

Touch the blisters or flaking skin.

On the surface of the burn should be no sticky adhesives and tapes, or when removed, the patient will receive additional trauma.Skin burns, scorched by the sun: how to cope with the consequences

In severe burn sequence is about the same: first, cool the burn area, then cover the burn with sterile cloth, if the place has fired decoration, remove them. Remove clothing from the patient, but the fabric has stuck to the burn does not tear off.

In assisting with minor burns (first degree burns) After washing of the affected site running cold water can be treated by his special cooling gel for burns.

In medical practice is well established Ozhogov.Net of burn gel. It immediately reduces the temperature of burning, helps to rapidly eliminate painful sensations and restoration of the skin. The gel also has antiseptic (antibacterial) effect, preventing wound infection.

How to apply gel?

Apply the gel to the affected area with a thick layer. In no case do not rub it into the skin, let it soak yourself. Leave for 30 minutes. The gel is safe for health, so it can be used even children older than 2 years.

Very good Ozhogov.Net gel as a means of treating and preventing sunburn. If burn first degree after sun has emerged more or not completely, but it is clear that you have taken sunlight more than it should, apply the gel Ozhogov.Net.

The composition of the gel is purified water, propylene glycol, tea tree oil, carbopol, trolamine, chlorobutanol, irgasan ethanol.

Propylene glycol is easily evaporates, cooling the skin. Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and healing properties. Carbopol — Safe gelling agent also has a cooling property. Chlorobutanol — acts as a pain reliever and anti-microbial agent. Irgasan — antiseptic, strengthens the antimicrobial effect of the gel. Conveniently, Ozhogov.Net shelf life of 5 years.



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