Skin tumors

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Skin tumors as well as tumors of other organs, may be benign or malignant. Most often there are three types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma (basal cell carcinoma), squamous cell carcinoma and the most dangerous — melanoma.

Melanoma develops from the pigment of the skin cells — melanocytes. Inmostly It occurs on the place of the usual moles. The growth of the tumor can cause prolonged exposure to the sun, chemical and thermal burns, and permanent injury moles. That is why the danger is, "flies", located on the shoulder, under the hair on the head, on the bottom, in the perineum or on mucous membranes.

When any external changes birthmarks better seem oncologist. The doctor will be able to estimate the probability of malignant transformation of moles and, if necessary, to make its removal.

If the worst happened, and formed melanoma, only one operation will be enough. In order to achieve the complete destruction of the tumor cells will be assigned radiation therapy (Treatment with ionizing radiation) andchemotherapy (Anticancer drugs).

Meanwhile, inmostly tumor development can be avoided. To do this, we need only to look closely to your body (especially birthmarks), avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and observing the simple Sun rules.

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