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January 20, 2013 18:53

Sleeper — Sensitive Operator (parapsychologist), using himself as different states to enter into any image, regardless of whether the subject is a person or an animal to give the opportunity to fully master the subject of entry, full control over the subject, in which he entered, combined.

Sleepers. Secret agents of

Sleeper — the person who can easily penetrate into the mind of another person. In this case, it does not interfere with the "wall" and forced lock memory. In a trance, Sleeper can penetrate into the most remote parts of the memory and find the information you can not even remember the person concerned.

For example: the subject is on the street and a car drives past him. Person concerned does not pay much attention and moves on, but the car was in sight for a moment. Sleeper, entering into the memory test, can see the car in detail (or rather the part that was in the field of view of the subject.)
There are some nasty person who practiced encoding human. For example: a person can be coded to murder, theft, violence, suicide, betrayal nationwide. Unlike hypnosis, encoding a more rigorous and usually accomplished with the aid of electronics and drugs. In the behavior of the "encoded" is not strange, there are not any changes to the critical point. But just as in hypnosis, you need a reference point and the point of completion. A sort of code word, a set of numbers, sound, or situation, which acts as a trigger.
Sleeper can penetrate into the brain encoded person to find and decipher the code, then it is possible to remove the encoding before the critical point.
Sleepers do not live long. In a free environment, they're going crazy because of the inability to control their abilities. Intelligence agencies are paying dearly, that would get to my next sleeper. In the service of sleepers learn to control his gift, but tend to be banal suppression abilities drugs. Sleepers do not have families. And the "at large", and in the service they rarely live up to 40 years. Typically the 30 sleeper young in appearance only, in fact, his hard body is aging.
Sliperv born in ordinary families, usually in the families of the "third world."
Sleepers are closed. They are constantly plagued by headaches, they often fall into epileptic condition similar to an epileptic seizure. They are constantly learning the heartbeat, blood pressure is higher than normal, eyes dull and tired. Some can not talk or do not want.
In addition, the sleeper can also replace, remove, or set the memory test may be required. Sleeper first used in 1943 by German special. troops. In 1944, October 16, was accidentally captured by British troops.

Clairvoyant GRU

As we prepare for the GRU — military intelligence, unusual psychic specialists, who are called clairvoyant, from the point of view of orthodox science is impossible. But I became clairvoyant, because learned this art. This occurred at a secret Isolated in one suburban military academy. This office was established to train military psychics or "kosmoenergospetsoperatorov" as was known, our military profession. To simply call us conspiracy spetsoperatorami.
Previously, nothing unusual for a I did not notice. However, in childhood, when the boys were playing hide and seek, I always knew where someone was hiding, but did not attach any importance to this. Later, in the exams at school and military school, correctly chose from lying on the table is the ticket for me happy.
After college he served briefly in the part. Then, in order to accelerate his military career, he decided to enroll in the academy. After the entrance exam to all those who won the competition, made a so-called 'card selection ", about which we knew nothing. No, it was not a game of cards, and exposure to gambling. Psychological experts have studied our photos and were on them psychological portrait coming: his ability, aptitude, character up to the weaknesses and secret vices. Then there were the various tests and an oral interview.
In this way in our first special group selected 12 officers whose experts have found imaginative, psychic abilities. In general, in some degree, they have each person, but they are manifested in very rare cases. However, they can be developed, if it is done on the basis of special scientific methods. So we were told at the first lesson, warning that this will require us to work hard for a long time. In the first stage we had to learn dowsing psychic distance, that is, to determine exactly where the specified object. And by the end of the third year of training, we had to see what happens in a place away from the operator for a considerable distance.
First we read the introduction to psychic, which contained impressive examples of clairvoyance. For example, few people know that in the mid 20's there was a special department of the OGPU secret neyroenergeticheskaya laboratory. It was led by Dr. Alexander V. Barchenko, who brought from Lapland locals — clairvoyant named Ivan. Barchenko brought him pictures of people, and he told me where they are and what they do.
Special Force Chief Boki Gleb decided to use clairvoyant in secret intrigues against the then deputy chairman of the OGPU Genrikh Yagoda. One evening he and Barchenko came to Ivan and showing a man with a thin card bony face, asked what he is doing. Ivan "saw" that this man is naked in the big bed with two naked women that make him something incomprehensible. In any case, the Russian Lapps lacked the words to describe what they see. The unspoken test, arranged Bokim confirmed the absolute reliability of images as seen through the Sensei: the night deputy Berry arranged a safe house orgy with two girls, the Komsomol.
Acquaints us with the results of experiments with psy-operators, which were conducted by U.S. intelligence agencies. In particular, the CIA used as a "phantom schpionov" sensitives Swan and Price, who are mentally penetrated military bases, both Soviet and American, and with great accuracy the military equipment is located there. For example, Price described in detail the latest radar system, but that is deployed in the center of the Soviet defense in the Urals. In addition, we were introduced to the abstract of the report of the chief of the secret intelligence service of the Ministry of Defense Lieutenant General Daniel Graham. It said that in one case psy-operators pinpointed the location of the new Soviet submarine base on the Kamchatka Peninsula, which could not detect spy satellites. In another experiment, sensitives correctly identify the coordinates of 20 tunnels dug North Koreans near the demilitarized zone.
But the most impressive was the result of the use of psychics who have the gift of clairvoyance, to evaluate the system of silo-based strategic missiles, "MX". The military considered it a very reliable, as it provides the movement of each missile among many mines. As a result, the enemy was not supposed to know which mine clumping. However, to the amazement of the military during the experiments sensitives easily locate missiles pointed at a particular point in time. Invulnerability missiles was in doubt, and it made the Pentagon to abandon the system silos.
Naturally, after such a "pump" we undertook with great zeal for study. Our curriculum has been very busy. In addition to military discipline much time was devoted to psychology and philosophy, including the occult and esoteric teachings. But the main course, there were special subjects. An important place in their information was given in the broadest sense: its acquisition, analysis, assimilation, storage.
Ordinary people mistakenly think they clairvoyant enough to want to see something in his brain shows the desired picture. In fact, this process is similar to a dream in which the dream-images continuously change each other. Therefore, first, we must learn to instantly evaluate them, you do not miss what you want to see. And secondly, to be able to stop "moving picture" on the right "frame" and hold it in front of your mind's eye. Only then will you be able to consider in detail what is happening far away from you. Then, you must remember what they saw, otherwise everything will go down the drain. The fact that mental pictures are often such dreams and quickly fading from consciousness as soon as you stop focusing on them. All these elements are inextricably linked. In their totality and the art of clairvoyance, which comes only after many hundreds of hours of hard training.
As I said, in the first stage, we studied only determine where the search object, whether animate or inanimate. It happened so. On a practical lesson in the teacher enters the room and said: "Today I hid such a thing. Find him. " First of all, we tried to relax, to enter into an altered state of consciousness, or trance, as it is known in common parlance. Then, using a verbal description of the subject, to ensure that he appears before our mind's eye, and as long as possible saw it, locking characteristics. This helps to immediately identify the desired object in the virtual pictures when they start to go in the brain.
Next followed the most important phase of remote dowsing. Each gave a mental command, as short and precise. Let's say: "To see a big black box!" If it was a man, you had to present it. The team repeated as long as there was a corresponding picture. After her mental processing — how to do it, I said — checked properly or not installed location of the object search. Ask questions and waited for an answer "yes" or "no." Some were used for this pendulum, other frame, the third automatic writing — who is best worked.
Within a few months, all we have learned to "see" and the words to describe the location of the object. For example, the gun is on such and such a caliber artillery position of the forested hills. Tracked rocket launcher nestled in a metal hanger. Thereafter began to work with the cards, identifying them the coordinates of various objects.
And gave us life unscheduled exam. In the forest near Khabarovsk fell plane flying from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It unsuccessfully sought within 10 days. Then we brought the recording crew radio transmissions in the air before the plane disappeared from radar screens. We started looking for him. Of the 12 students in our group but I was able to pinpoint on the map coordinates of the plane fell. The rest indicated more or less extensive areas to search around this point.
When teachers felt that we are sufficiently developed our psychic abilities, we were given a very difficult task. For example, reading data from a simulated enemy. Such card printed with the situation in a safe hiding or something. And no one knew where this place is. It could be in the academy, and for hundreds of kilometers away. We had to first find a map of the enemy mentally, and then "see" it and move it to the symbols on the same card, which we previously handed out. After that, the results of our dalnovideniya compared with the first card, and depending on the completeness of the information read out a rating.
In the third year we have started to rapidly prepare to work in an atmosphere of war. As far as I can tell, this was due to the events in Chechnya. We had to identify the most important goals, to make an adjustment of artillery and air strikes on them and generally assist the commander in the field, suggesting how best to implement a safe maneuver. Moreover, the decision of tasks we were given very little time — from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, if the task was extremely difficult. Several times we have been involved in actual combat. Sitting in the offices of Moscow, was determined from the map pockets of insurgents, and then ran to the attacks by aviation and artillery. We are "personally witnessed", they all proved to be very effective. And it is then confirmed the military intelligence, which operated on the spot, in Chechnya.
However, the effectiveness of our practical work is reduced because the time factor intervened. A complex system of command communication delays entailed in bringing us the information produced to the performers. But the situation on the battlefield is changing rapidly. Therefore, the authorities reported that in the near future we will send "on probation" in Chechnya. However, the situation there has changed, and our mission has failed.
Naturally, the question arises: is it permissible to use the power of the war, received from God, we are only developing, studying at the academy? Do we have, clairvoyants, the moral right to their actions harm other people and even to deprive them of life?
At first glance, it may seem strange for a military man. But during training teachers always told us that we possess an unusual and very "potent" weapon, the moral responsibility for the use of which is very high. Each other many times we discussed it all, sharing doubts objector. The answer, which we eventually came, was brief: yes, this moral right we have, otherwise we would not have been endowed by God the gift of clairvoyance.
Explain what I mean. None of our teachers, and all of them were civilians, but also women who do not possess clairvoyant abilities. Therefore, teachers were given only general trends as they develop, put certain specific tasks, and we are looking for ways to solve them. Often with each their own.
In general, the average probability of correct results with dalnovideniya 82 percent. This is a very high probability that can not be random and is not available to the vast majority of people. At 18 percent, we do not "fall." This was primarily because we — the people and if they wanted will not get away from all the turmoil and stress. And they had a very negative impact on the ESP, writes

On the planet are born sometimes unique people with paranormal abilities. They can use this to enter altered states of any image, and does not play the role that it is — an animal, an object or a person. In addition, these people are very easy to "read" the thoughts of others, and can be found in the unconscious person such information as the person concerned does not remember. In addition to this unique person can "impose" artificial person memories. Such people are called sleepers.

Throughout the world to find a person 10-15, no more. It is known that there are ways of encoding man on certain things, even before the murder. And itself encoded do not know it. Typically, these manipulations are carried out by people with psychotropic drugs and electronics.

At that moment, when it works "code" (this can be a set of numbers, sounds), a person commits an inherent in a program. So, the sleepers are able to penetrate into the brain, "coded" and crack the code. But nothing comes for nothing. Because of inability to control their many sleepers are going crazy.

Only in the event that their intelligence agency recruited, they can learn to control his gift, but most of the emergence of these abilities dulled narcotic drugs, and sleepers rarely live more than 40 years. Despite the apparent youth, the body sleeper badly worn by the age of 30.

Intelligence agencies are willing to pay any money to get at least one sleeper. In the service of sleepers learn to control his gift, to avoid disruption, but more often it is banal suppression drugs. In addition, these people suffer constant headaches and seizures resembling epilepsy. Some of them do not want to talk, or simply do not know how.

Sleeper first used by German secret service in 1943godu. In the most common version of this was Inhum Mustafa, who was born in 1929. His mother played the role of a clairvoyant in the traveling circus. When he was a year old, she died. The child remained in the circus, he said only six years. For eight years after it began to see strange things — it seemed that the child can read the minds of people and animals with whom he lived in the same enclosure.

One drunken master mentally wished the child to die soon and was amazed when the boy repeated out loud what he was thinking. Since that time the child acted as a clairvoyant, and circus income grew steadily. But after a few years, Mustafa began seizures unknown disease, and one of the visitors stated that the boy was able to impose ideas.

But it did not pay attention, even though such statements were heard more and more often. Soon after, in one of the sessions alone with Mustafa, a terrible event occurred — the visitor killed his wife, and the man claimed that this seer made him do this.

The attraction was closed, and the boy was sent back to the cage. It is not known what awaited him in the future, but once the owner Mustafa bought a German officer, paying him a considerable sum. However, the reliability of this story is in doubt for many professionals. But the fact that Hitler was a special secret project associated with the Sleeper, no doubt.

There is evidence that in 1934 the Nazis got 13-year-old Turkish woman, who can read minds. In order to acquire valuable offspring, it was decided to conduct an experiment called "Ann Heim" (Attack of the mind), in which it was assumed that the girl will give birth to a child from Hitler adviser Otto von Bray with outstanding abilities to hypnosis and suggestion.

With the success of the project, the unborn child was to inherit superpowers of their biological parents, and become a serious weapon in the hands of the Nazis. It goes without saying that after the experiment should eliminate the Turkish woman, not to give a reason for compromising the purity of the Aryan race.

According to others, the actual name of the project was to "Adam AnnHaym" because sleeper captured accidentally in 1944, was named Adam. His ability to learn, but for military purposes were not utilized. Adam died in 1951, from the extreme deterioration of the body. At autopsy had revealed severe congenital anomalies of the brain, the site of "The Earth Chronicles» (

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