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Author: Nikita Maximov, the magazine "Paradox"

Sultry summer day, Sokolniki, we come back with my grandmother through the wasteland home after a walk in the park. And suddenly I'm falling out of the blue. Strong knee smash and cry. Grandmother comforts me and she laments.

No more memories I do not have — nor about the day, nor all of the childhood years. Thirty years later, now I have my son. At about the same age as I was then, he has fun at the Christmas party. I looked out of the corner of the assembly hall for his flourishes and understand: he, when he grows up, forget everything. Still wish we all forget. Or do not forget, but can not remember?

If someone promises to tell you what is memory and how it works, you can safely turn back to the other party. Because no one, no one in this world knows.

On the human memory is little known: it is, put simply, short-term and long-term. It is believed that the information is first supplied to short-term memory which is very short (several minutes) and small volume. And only after the information is translated into "permanent storage". The "transfer" can take several weeks to several years, and its mechanism is unknown to us. It remains a mystery how and where in our brain stores information, not to mention the process of memory.

Our brain consists of nearly 20 billion nerve cells — neurons. Each neuron can form up to 10,000 contacts (called synapses) with neighbor. Any information reaching the brain activates a group of neurons, giving rise to the, sometimes quite specific ensemble. If this activation sufficiently long or repetitive, it leads to the synthesis of new proteins in a cell, as well as a change in synapse structure. The brain appears stable network connections, then you need only runs a prearranged signal — and a section of the network is activated, recreating the original appearance. And people all recalls.

Or not all. So why does the brain loses information? Because of the micro-fabric, due to natural dying nerve cells. Maybe we did not forget anything — just can not get to the right information, because for every remembrance of you need a key, a trigger signal.

If you have the keys — to be their guardians. These keepers and I went.

Flights in Dreams and in Reality

— In our sessions of hypnosis, people not only remembered everything, but at the time, increased their growth — such a statement immediately stunned me director of the Center for Development of psychological methods to ensure commercial security, PhD, Police Colonel Alexei Skrypnikov. — It was necessary to prepare people to weightlessness, and the existing simulators are not allowed to provide all the options. Then we came to hypnotize future astronauts so that they have the feeling of weightlessness on the basis of the subconscious and muscle memory. The state of weightlessness, or at least gipnonevesomosti familiar to all of us, because everyone was lying in the bath or in the sea. Evoking the memories under hypnosis, we have created in people a sense of weightlessness, which persisted up to thirty days without additional sessions. True, it was necessary to place the patient in a sealed so that nothing forced down with the right "weightless" feeling. It turned out to be working: the person changed the whole biomechanics, gait, way of life. Moreover, the growth was increased by three to four centimeters. The entire set of signs — after return from space.

The possibilities of hypnosis Alexey studying a long time. He worked in the Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine of the Ministry of Defense, the Research Institute of Civil Aviation. Research Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs in dealing with problems of psychological and forensic ensure disclosure of serious crimes.

One day on his body hypnosis session fighter pilot, two years after the flight, "remembered" and reproduced our original state: blood pressure, breathing and heart rate. And one of the friends of Alexei Ivanovich got in trouble: he had been given clonidine and robbed — so that he does not even remember those criminals. But under hypnosis remembered everything, and very detailed. Many, many were in the practice of Colonel Skrypnikova cases where the victims of criminals are people experiencing stress and forgetting all the necessary details of the investigation, under hypnosis to remember all the necessary details.

The Sleep of Reason

Why, in the normal state, we do not remember much, but under hypnosis produces accurate information about the past? Skrypnikov frankly admits: "We do not know why and how this happens. But the fact remains that in hypnosis a person is able to recall much. Maybe if people would remember all his life up to every second of sensations, then just go crazy? Too big to be pressure on the brain. Therefore triggered a defense mechanism, and we forget much. And learn from long-term memory only that for some reason, our body seems to be very important. "

Hypnosis allows you to "explain" the brain: information that is expected of him is very important. "We have to remember," says hypnotist and the brain dutifully tries to get out of memory required memory. And scientists are using only surface under hypnosis. Feels like they are similar to those we experience at least twice a day — waking up and falling asleep.

"We are putting a man in a state where unwanted memories clipped — explains the procedure to me Alex Skrypnikov. — Remember: you go to bed and to sleep in a head start to climb all sorts of thoughts. They jump, or persistently knocking one of them. So, we just clear the memories of the needed noise. At this stage hypnosis does not inspire people — you can not impose his opinion, a false memory. If he does not want to answer my questions, it either comes out of the hypnotic state, or, conversely, goes into a deeper phase . In any case, it lost contact. "

It turned out, this technique allows you to extract a very early memories — when the person was a year or two. If there is a connection to the countryside, in the event, the time, for it can catch on and remember all the little details. Alexei Skrypnikov cured man of thirty, who began to stutter at age five after his frightened dog. They both remembered the dog and the dog's name, and the balls with bunnies that the boy was carrying that day. Remembered, "caressed and stroked" dog — and virtually stopped stuttering.

After all these stories fall into childhood and wanted me. The conditions of the experiment, which I suggested Alexei Ivanovich, were quite hard: I had to use it to remember what happened to me three years ago. Those autumn afternoon broadcaster ATV invited "Paradox" to him on the air. It was very interesting, we and our editor was told about an hour science. As we were preparing to send, make-up — I remember. How was seated at the table and attached microphones — also remember. But the color of the table where we were sitting in the studio ATV, completely fell out of my head.

I asked Skrypnikova help me remember their color, and will serve as a test of our record of the transfer. As you can imagine, Alexei Ivanovich knew otgadki and therefore, even hypothetically, could not inspire her to me. He was somewhat discouraged by my idea, but agreed to hold me hypnosis and "lay" in my mind the job, thanks to which I will remember for a few days the color table.

Below — Clocked decoding voice records, which lay next to me during a hypnosis session, and my feelings. They put me in the middle of a small room, and Alexei Ivanovich began making passes along the back of my hands.

0 min. 00 sec.

Skrypnikov: Close your eyes, feet together. Please note, you are now beginning to throb blood in his hands. In what first started?

I am on the left. I do not know what's going on behind me, but in the hands of the suddenly hot. And the warm wave passed down from the shoulders to the wrists.

AS: Still you run the left hemisphere as a man of creative professions.

I object: the first two professions I geographer and geologist, and "work" was only ten years ago. Alexey says that education or first occupation people very often get exposed to the external environment. And then, in mid-life taxi out to that for which there is an inner desire. My case — from the same series.

1 min. 34 seconds.

AS: The feet fully on the floor, hands on hips, eyes closed. Our task will be to listen to the feelings that are in your body, and to which I will pay attention. Nothing extraordinary, beyond the usual experience you will not.

4 min. 30 sec.

AS: Do calm breath, calm exhalation. Tune to the fact that aside from all the problems, all the worries. There is only your feelings. My voice, which only helps to trace them. All that is outside of this room, do not care, does not distract. Your feelings — and my voice. Your feelings are secondary, my voice is secondary. Breathing even, rhythmical. With every breath poured fatigue with every breath comes peace of mind. Nice to at least sometimes to get rid of all problems and be alone with your feelings.

(The first time I felt an extraordinary lightness of his body. Seemed to come weightlessness).

7 min. 07 sec.

AS: In my mind's eye draw a closed line around. Imagine that the darkness around you. Look like a flashlight, describes a closed line. All that was left out of the loop, do not worry, not distracting.

(I actually saw the glowing circle and themselves within it. Everything happened in absolute darkness and weightlessness. I was suspended in space, where there were no stars, no planets — just circle around me).

8 min. 45 sec.

GS: Now your gaze glides over your body. It is relaxing. Your feet, legs relaxed, knees, hips. A powerful piece of peace. The eyes moved to the right hand, left hand, the whole body is relaxed. On the face mask of complete rest, a sense of how to flow down.

(Alexei Antonov, our photographer, who later told me that the more idiotic facial expressions than I had at that moment, he never in his life seen).

9 min. 54 seconds.

C: All the muscles are relaxed so that you do not want to move hand or foot. The feeling of soaring. Between the hand and the thigh airbag. Easy push — and hands hang.

(I felt that with my hand doing something, somehow unnatural its turn inside out and suspended in that position in the air. But did not want to fight it because it was so good and easy!)

11 min. 11 sec.

AS: It's easy to allow the state to use all the features of your memory back. It is in this intermediate state between sleeping and waking find their maximum expression of reserve capacities of your body.

12 min. 36 seconds.

GS: Now I'm gonna count to three, and to the "three" in your mind very clear, very clear picture arises of the very recording studio Copyright television. Every detail comes up out of your mind. After three or four days, the memories of the studio will be so clear and crisp as if it happened yesterday.

13 min. 22 seconds.

AS: With the score of "three" as your memory is activated. You have no distractions. Light arms, light memory. "One" — very clearly your memory reconstructs the events to which you have been. Perfectly see, hear and remember well. "Two" — the situation in a studio environment around you is becoming clearer and clearer. Your memory captures and restores the entire sequence of your actions. Tables, a chair, a video camera, lighting, filming the participants — all of this is clearly recorded your mind's eye and locked memory. "Three" — visual perception and the power of your memory and brain peaked. There are only three or four days for all that you are interested in clearly lined up in the memory. You will remember everything.

(At the beginning of the bill, I saw myself from the outside, with a height within the television studio. I've been a big, top, and down there — a little. I go in and sit down at the table. Quietly him sit, look around. Peripheral vision and notice the color of the table. observes that it blue, and continued to stare at the studio. Suddenly realize that for the sake of the table and everything was started, and was surprised to think how you could never see that table, then blue).

15 minutes. 53 seconds.

C: You are returned to the quiet waking state perfectly rested and regained strength, as after a good, restful sleep.

18 min. 18 sec.

It's over. I am very reluctant to get up and stretch. The feeling in the body is just gorgeous. As promised Alexei Ivanovich, I feel rested. As soon as I open my eyes, immediately reporting to: I remember! All he remembered the blue table. Skrypnikov smiles slyly and says he even felt when I remembered. But for reliability postpone a final check for a few days, as scheduled.

Staying with the program laid down in the head was somewhat scary. Immediately began to float the idea of zombies and other horrors. Alexei Ivanovich laughed in response to my fears no one can hypnotize you, the more zombie addition to your will.

Bes memory

Finally, all inspired me to remember the weekend. And there was only Tuesday. And Alexey not punished unnecessarily strain — she pops the correct part of memory. Live with this Mandate proved difficult. First, do not wait to look at the source, open the video file and check the color of the table in the studio. Second, constantly had to persuade myself not to force the memory and does not wait for that same insight. "Do not need to connect the logic" — repeated goodbye to Alex Skrypnikov.

On Thursday, over a glass of good beer I talked about my experiments with memory staying with me the Petersburg and futurologist a friend Lech Andreev. Andreev immediately issued a prediction: soon every person will walk your hypnotist and extract the desired memory. And after a few cups of barley beverage Lech suddenly said, and without hypnosis remembered the color of the tables in the studio ATV (Andreev, too, was a guest of this program), but I begged him not to prompt.

Finally came the appointed Colonel Skrypnikova period came off. All day Saturday I cautiously listened to their feelings. But he did not feel that he remembered something other than it really session. Blue tables were blue. Just had a confidence in it. But check out all the same does not interfere. Open the file, I see the studio and — horror of horrors! — White, completely white table! How is that? It also has to be blue! Dumbfounded, roller coasting look further.

And then — a miracle! Close-up of changes to the general, and I see: table — blue. Just when it showed a large, bright lighting in the studio changed its color, but in fact it blue, blue, blue!

By the way, just looking at the video clip to the end, I found that on that day three years ago for a blue table, we talked about the mysteries of the brain and the device. That is not soon we will know how to construct memory. That's the paradox.


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