Smart pen itself will tell you where youre wrong

An amazing invention was created by German experts. They made pen that will monitor your spelling!
My daughter is ready to pay for it all their toys

Use a pen to write text and securities someone seems a nightmare — with no safety net computer is easy to overlook the error. Now for the spelling do not worry: developed by German company handle vibrates every time encounters an error.

Experts have developed a clever handle specifically to help young people learn how to write correctly, but to use this miracle can people of all ages.

The pen works in two modes: calligraphy, pointing to the irregular shape of letters and spelling, identifying errors in spelling and in punctuation. Built-in pen sensor ensures that the letters are added to the buzz word and if notified of the failure, reports Yoki.

The creators of the handle Falk and Mandy Wolski said their son inspired the first attempt to master the letter. From the first words he began to make mistakes, so that concerned parents decided to help the child.

Now developers have begun to raise funds to further improve its pen. In the future, they want to add to it a pressure sensor and to enable it to communicate with the computer.

The operating platform will be open to other enthusiasts can develop their applications and extend the functionality of the competent hands.



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