«Smerch» multiple rocket launcher

«Tornado is subject to all.» «67 acres of perdition» … «and girth of the Russian» Smerch «… It’s all about Russian multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS)» Twister. «

«Smerch» — Qualitatively new in the field of rocket systems gun. «Smerch» created in 1986, adopted the Armed Forces adopted in 1989.

MLRS — fighting machine (BM) from 12 runners (placed on car chassis highest patency MAZ-543M, which provides a speed of 60 km / hour in store for stroke fuel — 850 km); Transport-loading machine with a crane and the charging device; Rockets (MS) high-explosive act cluster submunitions fragmentation acts cluster submunitions with self-highest efficiency, allowing to effectively combat modern tanks and other armored vehicles. PC launches from the cab provided BM or using remote panel.

MLRS provides combat and operational properties at any time of the day and year in the range of surface temperatures from +50 to -50 º C.

«Smerch» — This is a new high-level instrument, it has no analogues on the range and efficiency of fire, casualty area of ​​manpower and armor. If «Castle» covers an area of ​​4 hectares at a distance of 20 km, «Hurricane» — 29 m at a distance of 35 km, MLRS — 33 hectares at a distance of 30 km, then the «Whirlwind» mind-boggling affected area — 67 hectares (672 thousand sq. m.) with a range volley from 20 to 70 km, in the near term — and up to 100. This «Smerch» spalivaet everything, even armored vehicles.

Prepare for battle after MLRS Cueing — only 3 minute, full volley — 38 seconds. «Smerch» invulnerable — kick and he simultaneously disappears.

12-barrel «Smerch» conducts fire 300-mm shells. The first time the missile has an onboard control unit. Unlike in the past for the missile is optional engine with which its brief flight to the target height and adjusted rate. As a result, dispersion decreases tripled compared with unguided missiles twice increases accuracy.

For the corrected projectile «Smerch» typically also that of his 800 kg warhead of 280 — is perfect ratio between the sustainer engine and striking elements. In the cassette 72 ammunition weighing 2 kg. Angle at them in order (with the ground, trenches and military equipment of the enemy) is not like ordinary shell — from 30 to 60 degrees, and by special devices strictly vertical — 90 degrees. Cones such «meteor» just Leaky tower topcoat armored vehicles, combat vehicles, self-propelled guns, where the armor is not very thick, well and tank cover transmissions. Terrible «Twister»!

Experienced in teaching Russian army shooting held in December 1995 in Kuwait (at the sight of all intelligence and military experts of the world), to confirm this, as well as other properties of «Cyclone».


Technical properties:

Rocket caliber: 300mm
Rockets length: 7,300 mm
Rockets weight: 840 kg
the affected area: 40 ~ 100 km
recharge time 20 minutes
speed of 60 km / h
650 km range acts

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