Smog covered the city in the Irkutsk Region in schools Bratsk reduce lessons


Bratsk in Irkutsk region covered by smog from fires. Photo Gennady Taraskova.

24.09.11.Zhiteli Bratsk in this panic. The city is a smog, which is five meters around almost nothing is visible.

To blame for forest fires. The situation has been called katastroficheskoy.Mashiny move slowly along the roads, people sit at home. Classes in schools overturned.

— This we have never been! — The director of the school № 42 Bratsk Natalia Saunkina. — How many live here, never seen this. Yesterday and the day before to give the most difficult days. Usually could stand alone on the ground floor of the school, then made a third … Smoke — in classrooms and hallways. We fight as we can — hang the wet towels in the rooms, so breathe easier. The day before we nearly canceled classes. The children complained that they were inflamed eyes, shut up in his throat. Educators always a headache. Lessons had to be cut.

Second shift and did want to cancel, but was able to step back a little, the teachers decided to continue classes. Although it may be, should have done differently. The school is located just 300 meters (!) From one of the epicenters of the fire. Burns almost the next door. There's one of the biggest fires, with an area greater than 10 hectares.

— We are in a valley — says Natalia. — The smoke goes to school. While it makes no sense to abolish homework. However, parents whose kids suffer from asthma and other chronic diseases, is not advised to drive children to school and do as little as possible to appear in the street.

Most schools Bratsk abandoned physical education at stadionah.Vzroslye also suffer from the smoke. Without need not go to the street and the windows in the apartment open. Why is this happening? Forest burns almost in the city. Residents sleeping neighborhoods on the outskirts of watching the fire, it can be said of the windows.

As of today, there were nine in Bratsk fires on an area of 40 hectares. Introduced a special fire mode until until October 1, we will see. Forecasters predict — Indian summer is over is not soon. The weather is the main cause of this situation.

— Happy every day +23 … +25, the sun shines brightly, — said Deputy Head of the Bratsk Forestry Sergey Voroshilov. — The summer was dry, the ground is completely dry. Forest ignited by a spark. Extinguish fires in the home: technology and people in general is lacking. At the disposal of our eight bulldozers, ATVs, 29 forestry workers, 24 tenants who have taken to rent parts of the forest. Attracted and paratroopers of 13 people. The situation is difficult and serious. Fight the fire difficult. There is only one single way: as burning dry grass, we bulldozed opahivaem flames around, looped it, and watch as the fire burns. There is something strange. Only put out one source, there are a number two.

In the forest people are not allowed. Roads put patrols. Entrances and exits by the police and rangers.


"We decided the allocation of extra money"

— The municipality urgently addressed the issue of the allocation of additional forces and resources to fight forest fires — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the press service of the administration of Bratsk. — Funding for these purposes will be allocated from the city budget. Administration Resolution ban on visiting the forest and the entry of transport, is also prohibited plant fires, burning debris and dry grass. Strengthen the enforcement of fire safety.

Natalia Lytkino

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Source: KP.RU — Irkutsk

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