Snow covered Jerusalem

March 2. Snow in Israel — is a bizarre phenomenon of nature, which is very rare and lasts, at best, only a few days. In addition, snow, and happy if their rare appearance, only Jerusalem.

This year the snow fell on March 2 in Jerusalem and Hebron, ie in early spring. It was the first snowfall in the last four years. Snow covered the roofs of the houses and streets of Jerusalem, fell asleep in the territory of the Patriarch and the tombs of the separation wall in the city of Hebron, 30 kilometers south of the capital of Israel, the West Bank of the Jordan River.

Abundant, soft, he paused for a few hours, stopped all traffic for half an hour, then melted, then fell again, this time, almost without pausing. The kids managed to dazzle the snowmen, and of course, take pictures.

Source: The Epoch Times, International Business Times


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