Snow fell in Khakassia

In the forest on the border of Khakassia Ust-Abakan and Askizsky areas snowed. In this case, there was a sharp decrease of temperature, and descended from the mountain torrents.

Natural anomalies recorded by the State Committee for Wildlife and Environmental Khakassia who carried offshore activities for Environmental Compliance in the hunting areas of the country.

"The abnormal for this time of the behavior of weather led to the destruction of roads and trails in the area, as well as the deaths of wild plants" — ITAR-TASS quotes a source in the government.

During the raids, the State Committee had to take on more functions and rescuers. A group of tourists from Krasnoyarsk got into a zone of poor visibility and left the route. Without professional help travelers could get lost and die of cold.

"The State Committee for Wildlife and Environmental Khakassia asks residents and visitors of the Republic to refrain from hiking, berry and mushroom picking in these areas. Quite likely re boarded and did not rule out cases of wild predatory animals because of lack of food on the surviving parts of the taiga" — highlighted in the government of Khakassia.


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