It all started October 25, 1978, when Stanton Friedman gave a lecture on UFOs in Bemidji (, Minnesota). After the lecture, he was approached by his wife Jean and Byrne Maltez and asked if he had heard anything about the plate, crashed in the state of New Mexico?

Of the subsequent issue of conversation that lived in the town of Socorro (pcs New Mexico) Engineer Grady (Barney) Barnett said in February 1950, his closest friends Vern and Jean Maltez unusual history, having secured them first promise to anyone about her speak. Barnett died in 1969, and then died, and his wife, and now, after hearing a lecture S.Fridmana, spouses Maltez considered themselves free from the promise and told him briefly what is remembered.

In the late forties Grady Lenden (Barney) Barnett, an expert on the conservation of soil, lived in Socorro. He worked as an engineer in the Service land for twenty years and retired in 1957.

From the story of the spouses Maltez followed that in 1947, Burnett worked in the Magdalene, a small town located west of Socorro. One morning, attention was riding on the work of Barnett caught something, brightly reflecting sunlight. Looking closer, he saw lying in the distance and a metal object, thinking that it's — the crashed plane, headed for the sun, "bunny".

After going a little over a mile, Barnett saw that it was not a plane, but a metallic disc-shaped object. At a time when B.Barnett approaching object was lying on the opposite side there was a group of people are also sent to the mysterious disk (as it turned out, they were archaeologists who conducted excavations in the area). The disc itself, ruptured by impact or explosion, seemed to be made of metal that looked like a dirty, stainless steel.

Coming closer, he saw B.Barnett that archaeologists have considered some strange body small by our standards of growth, lying near the disc. (Jean and Byrne Maltez not remember how many, according to Barnett, it was bodies, but claimed that a few.) Hairless head round and seemed disproportionately large relative to the growth, the eyes were strangely planted. Clothes — one-piece gray overalls with no buckles or belts. Barnett was clear that they were not the same as us humans.

Very quickly there were military cordoned off the entire area and warn all those present on the responsibility for the disclosure of information.

Barney Barnett does not have exactly the place where he fell to the ground saw a strange object, or if they have, neither Byrne nor Jean Maltez do not remember, but on the information known: In fact, Barnett traveled across the state, but the main working the area was still west of Socorro area, toward the plains of San Agustin, and indeed the office, where he went every day, was in a Magdalene.

What do we have? Could the researchers suggest in 1979 that the story Burnett it was about some other case, not about Roswell? All, like, hurt: Brazel ranch is two hundred forty kilometers in a straight line from Socorro. And we assume that the unknown device scattered part of himself there, and he flew on and plopped down here, something not loomed. All the more so between the two geographical points enough obstacles: there were mountains, and further to the west, beyond the valley of the Rio Grande, again, a mountainous region, and only for them on the other side of the mountains, and extends the plain of San Agustin. It seems far away, but the object was flying low enough, judging from the area of the site where the wreckage was found, who broke into the quiet life of a farmer Brazel.

On the second case of a disaster E.Guver written in black and white in response to a memorandum aimed July 10, 1947, which shows that on the eve of Brigadier General George Shulgi, inviting to his FBI Special Agent Reynolds. Special agent and said he would like to assist the FBI in tracing and interviewing people who saw the flying discs. And Hoover attributed to document the following lines:

"I would do it, but before you agree, we should insist on full access to pick up disks. For example, in the case of Sw Army captured him and would not let us even cursorily examine him. "

(You can assume that the Hoover «Sw» — this area "Socorro-Magdalena San Agustin")

However, the general trend is to bind ends meet around Roswell, and only at the end of July 1995, after the famous movie about the alien autopsy, when born and the history of shooting the crash, Roswell (then still Roswell)
come to grips with ufologists, and the truth began to dawn. Both cases occurred so close to each other in time and space, which distinguish them has become very difficult.

Researchers from Duke L.A.Vaykel and K.M.Kelli repeated the path operator, in accordance with the Seller the movie "alien autopsy", and in the second half of September 1995 UFO world already knew the name of the disaster area — "Siksmayl Canyon." This place is located about 160 kilometers west of the rubble-strewn field, through which the sheep Brazel did not want to go to the watering.

"The first thing they saw at the drained lake — writes about the trip M.Hezemann Vaykela and Kelly at the desired place — was the entrance to the mine closed, once cut through the rocks. The mines in the area have their own history. Mining of ore was here in close connection with the war industry and was under government control, especially during the Second World War

Visit the Mining Institute of Technology in Socorro helped Vaykelu and Kelly to get acquainted with the history of the mine, known as the Niggerhed, which was mined manganese. The mine was opened in 1937, but shortly after it was closed because of the poverty of the mined ore and, consequently, the loss ratio. But during the war, the arms industry was in dire need for manganese, and had to go to the abandoned mines. In 1943 he earned Niggerhed again, and it continued until 1945, when the ore reserves were depleted and the mine was finally closed. But later, in peacetime, suddenly, for no apparent reason, the U.S. government noted landmarks border territory allotted Niggerhed mine, and it was June 1, 1947 ». However, no work has taken place in the mine.

Is it mere coincidence that date, the known film documents from the seller, the date of closure of the mine area from prying eyes? There was a statement on the resumption of work on mine a great excuse explaining the sudden appearance of people in the area, cranes, trucks, other equipment? It is clear that all this commotion could alert the curious, as well — like everything is clear: mine. Thus, the area was protected from the locals and casual travelers. Two weeks later all the activity in the area ceased, and in 1953 the mine was sold.

Ray Santilli was sent photos of the drained lake. How much there Santilli contacted the operator — is unknown, but he acknowledged that the place is found. In search of any witnesses of those events L.Vaykel K.Kelli and traveled all over the whole area. No sensations. However, the generation and it is already gone, and only one person said he saw a meteorite fall while larger than a basketball.

If even a meteorite fell, the event is sure to be reflected in the local press. The search began with the newspaper "Socorro Sentinel." They said that in the late sixties, some newspapers for 1947 were lost in a fire. Declined to specify what they are, and it turned out that the lost numbers between May 10 and June 15. The editor advised to go to the library of the Mining Institute. There were microfilmed all the rooms except the same "from May 10 to June 15," although there was no fire. Intrigued, Bob Schell went to Magdalen, where the editor of the local newspaper told him that the numbers for this period do not. "You will not find them — she said. — I'm looking for forty years, these newspapers nowhere."

However, unable to find witnesses falling "Meteorite" and to bind to the incident on May 31. These witnesses were Indians from the reservation AKOMA Laguna. In 1947, the boys were at 13-14 years, and they were in high school. (C specification of the date just got lucky, because the birthday of one of the girls fell on June 1, and a ball of fire flew the day before.)

Day on May 31 turned out to be very hot and the cool of the evening everyone was waiting for. When the heat subsided, it was almost dark. About a dozen children were playing near the water tower of the old railway station, some climbed onto it. One woman — the girl from that group of guys — says:

— Suddenly the sky lit with natural light, and in just a few seconds over our heads from left to right, that is, from the north-west to south-east, silently flew a large fireball. One of the girls was holding in his mouth a coin — a quarter and was so frightened that swallowed it. The light was so bright that we, the children, closed eyes with his hands [337].

Two days later, the boys were sitting — water tower, hands blistered. Doctors who treated them said that it looks like blisters from the burns, but the very cause could not be determined. And another strange story: near that village there was a strange girl, escaped the adults. And she was gone for good after about a week. (The incident with the stranger remained in the memory of the witnesses as followed after passing a fireball.)

These long-standing events were described living currently in Los Angeles an elderly Indian woman. Her daughter heard somehow a program that Bob Schell talked about the film and Santilli about the crash near Roswell. Daughter remembered the story of the mother of the passage of a strange body and sent a letter to the master transmission. Then it fell to Bob Schell, who got through to eyewitness and her daughter.

Mother gave details of the incident and called the names of two girls who played with her in that distant summer day. It turned out that they both reside in the state of New Mexico, and after a simple search for Bob Schell got hold of their phone numbers. Both ladies have confirmed the story of their childhood friend in all the details, but from a personal meeting refused because they lived in the reserve and feared a backlash tribal elders to meet with outsiders. In the end, managed to persuade one of them, called conditionally Teresa, to researchers at the puzzle for a thorough discussion. February 19, 1996 B.Shell and M.Hezemann visited at her home in the west of the reservation Albuquerque

— At the time we lived in Gallup. My father worked on the railroad. I stayed there until 1956, when his father retired — told Teresa. — In 1947th I was seven years old and I went to school. We were playing right next to the track when it appeared. White, white-hot, the flames, as if it was burning, and round it was a bit of a haze, but no tail. It was as big and round as the sun, and completely silent. It flew from the north-west and disappeared in the south-east. I was so scared that swallowed a coin — a quarter of the dollar, which at that time I was holding in his mouth. I remember it very well. Some of us turned burns, but I have not.

Teresa remembered, and about the strange girl.

— It was all in white. Always remained near the river in the evening. One man tried to catch her, but she was gone. Small, like all of the little girls, but in a white dress, with a white veil that covered her face. No one could see her face through the veil, so we do not know whether she was white or Indian. Many of us were afraid of her. Some of the guys came closer to her, but felt nauseous. It is possible that they are made out of her face, but never talked about it. Something terrible was in it. But that's all I remember. She always appeared on the east side and walked along the river. And once she was no longer there [338]. (I B.Shella and M.Hezemanna a videotaped interview.)

Gallup … It was this town and is mentioned in a book published in 1980 yet.

"According to the memoirs of Dr. Weisberg (Physics of the University of California, claiming that he was involved in 1947 in the inspection object. — B.Sh.), the UFO was carried on a platform in the Magdalene … Topped the object followed by Belen, Grants and Gallup (piece of New Mexico), Flagstaff (Arizona items) in Cadiz and Needles (California), and later in Myurok … "[27-93]

There's also speaks of a man who claims that he was part of a hastily formed group of soldiers and scientists sent to myurokskuyu Air Force Base in California to meet the convoy that delivered the ship. Unfortunately, the exact timing of the memory is not retained. Thus, if we assume that the Hoover «Sw» — this area "Socorro-Magdalena San Agustin," while Air Force Base in Alamogordo could not cope with this incident, and it could pass on some specially organized route. But in the end, all roads led to Wright-Patterson. (And if «Sw» Socorro not, then everything gets even more complicated because approval of Hoover's previous occasion Roswell flying disk crash is still valid, and the case of Barney Barnett's that simple can not be dropped.)

So a brief chronology of events:
May 31, 1947, Thursday
About 21 hours of Indian guys who played on the water tower in Gallup (piece of New Mexico), are witnesses of flight in the sky, a large fireball.

The fireball disappeared in the direction of Socorro.

Farmer Fred Strozi saw how he thinks the meteorite falling more than a basketball.

June 1, 1947, Friday
At the crash spacecraft (near Socorro-Magdalena) enters a team from Washington.

A disc-like object hitting the steep rock, lies on the "back". There's also four small humanoid with large heads. All taken away.

The debris is collected and described.

On the same day, June 1, 1947, the U.S. government document records the resumption of the operation of the mine Niggerhed, abandoned completely in 1945, when the ore is completely depleted. The area of the mine is closed from outsiders.

It is from June 1 start regular observations of unidentified flying objects.
June 5, 1947
The disc was immersed in the bed of the truck, and begins the difficult path towards the base of … What? Presumably by the RAF Myurrok.

Since the crash eliminate all traces reminiscent of the incident and conducted connection with it works.

By June 14, 1947
In the area of the mine Niggerhed remains empty. After the declared June 1 renewal of the mine, no work was carried out. Eventually data pits in the area disappeared while mines lying towards Magdalina are much more detailed documentation.

Newspapers it is during this period, no one library dollars.

June 24, 1947
Kenneth Arnold watches the flight of nine disk-shaped objects. This day is considered the beginning of regular sightings, but, as we have seen, in fact it is not. Just watching K.Arnolda received very great attention in the media.

In the following days the objects commit unthinkable maneuvers in the air, there are many points of the country.

June 30, 1947
The operator Jack B., who worked at the crash site, is ordered to go to film opening at the base of Fort Worth (near Dallas).

July 1, 1947
10.00. The first autopsy was performed as expected, Robert P.Uilyams and Detlev Bronk.

July 2, 1947
21.50. Roswell residents are watching a span of a mysterious object in the sky, enveloped in flames.

Thunderstorm. Farmer Brazel hears a noise resembling not so much thunder and explosion.

July 3, 1947
10.00. Air Force Base (?) Conducted the second autopsy.

July 6, 1947
Brazel brings Roswell Sheriff George Wilcox few selected from a field of rubble. This information is brought to the Major Jesse Marcel, and through him to the commander of the 509 th Regiment of Colonel Blanchard mixed. J. Marcel and Captain Sh.Kevitt sent to the farmer at the scene.

6-7 July 1947
Peak observations of flying saucers for the entire 1947.

July 7, 1947
Major and Captain Dzh.Marsel Sh.Kevitt collect the debris Brazel found a farmer in the field.

July 8, 1947
We give a message to the press about the discovery and seizure of a flying disk. The whole area is cordoned off.

Drive is detected from the air.

Immediately report the discovery of a ball probe taken by mistake for a flying disc.

July 15, 1947
FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover makes to the service document annotation, which implies that he is aware of two flying discs seized of the Air Force, not to allow the FBI to their inspection.

September 1947
Lincoln La Paz has been questioning witnesses to clarify the trajectory of a fallen object. He is assisted by Lewis Rikket (counterintelligence 509 th Aviation Regiment mixed).

September 23, 1947
Lieutenant General N.Tuayning signs the document in terms of managing the logistics, in which the observed flying saucers are real and are controlled manually or remotely.

October 30, 1947
Brigadier General Shulgi signed a memo marked "Secret", in which Air Force intelligence service instructed to collect information about the "type aircraft" flying saucer "."

September 5, 1948
The final work on the project "Zodiac" states that UFOs are interplanetary spacecraft. General Vandenberg refuses to accept the report, and all copies destroyed.

March 22, 1950
The head office of the FBI in Washington, said FBI Director Edgar Hoover's information from his informant, an officer in the Air Force, the crash of flying saucers in the state of New Mexico.

September 15, 1950
Canadian engineer Wilbert Smith points out in an internal memo that the UFO problem has security level is higher than on the hydrogen bomb, and that the issue is dealt with a group headed by Vannevar Bush.

Investigation leaked through military Bunce on the on the basis of Wright-Patterson two flying saucers and the corpses of the crew.

August-September 1995
Videotapes of the opening episode appear on the market. Analysis of the film pieces cut from the original film documents confirms that she made in 1947, and because of the high sensitivity had a very short shelf life.

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